Committee OKs property for new fire station

Council to consider purchasing 110 E. Canal for $575K

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News

TROY — On Thursday, the city of Troy’s finance committee agreed to recommend to council to purchase a property for a new Fire Station No. 1.

Chairman Tom Kendall and John Schweser were present. Committee member Todd Severt was not present at the meeting.

The property is located at 110 E. Canal St. The purchase amount is $575,000 from 3HISHT Holdings LLC, plus closing costs. Emergency legislation has been requested.

According to the Secretary of State’s business details and filings, the 3HISHT’s statutory agent is Andrew Pratt, Severt’s law partner.

On Thursday, Severt confirmed he has no interest or investment in the property. Severt has recused himself from all executive sessions regarding the potential purchase of the property. Severt said he also will recuse himself from the vote when the resolution appears on the council agenda.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the offer is contingent on council approval.

Titterington said the city conducted an analysis of the current building for space and personnel needs a few years ago.

Fire Station No. 1, located at 19 E. Race St., was opened in 1966 and served the downtown and central operations for the city of Troy.

Titterington said it was important for the station to remain in the downtown area to service the area.

Titterington said upgrading the current fire station was not feasible nor was demolishing the property and building on the current site. Titterington said several sites were considered before discussing 110 E. Canal St. property.

Titterington said the property is approximately an acre of land and is twice as large as the current station. The property is located on three streets, Walnut, Canal and Mulberry.

One component of a new station would be to install drive-through bays, which cannot be done at the current station if it was renovated.

Chairman Tom Kendall asked how the project would be financed. Titterington said it would be a bond project. Kendall asked what would be the approximate cost to build a new station. Titterington said a rough estimate was $5-6 million for design, demolition and permit costs and would take 18-24 months to complete.

Chief Matt Simmons said the design of the 1966 building didn’t consider health hazards such as truck and fire hose emissions leaching into the living quarters. Simmons said the building’s design doesn’t allow for proper ventilation.

Schweser said there is a need for the fire station to remain downtown. Schweser asked how the fire equipment would drive into the bays and what street they would enter and exit. Simmons gave an example of set backs and how equipment would likely be utilizing the space if purchased.

Kendall asked if administration offices would be moved downtown from Station No. 2. Simmons said if the budget allows to add offices he’d be open to it, but didn’t see it as a necessary addition to the project.

Kendall asked why the need for emergency designation. Titterington said, “We are not sure where we are on the timeline. We want to close as soon as possible so we can go on to the next step, we can’t go on to the next step until we close on that property.”

Titterington said it could take several months to go to council with the design phase and architect proposal.

“My concern is that I want people to support this endeavor and I don’t want to make people think we are jamming this down their throat,” Kendall said.

Titterington said this project has been discussed for several years and took a lot of time to get to this point. Kendall and Schweser both approved to move forward with a positive recommendation.

Council will review the recommendation at its next city council meeting on Aug. 5.

Council to consider purchasing 110 E. Canal for $575K

By Melanie Yingst

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