Troy BOE picks Kleptz

TROY — The Troy City Schools Board of Education selected Tom Kleptz as the replacement for the board’s vacancy left by Stephen Lucas.

Kleptz is the Principal and Managing Partner with Turnstone Financial. Superintendent Eric Herman said the selection was hard as all of the candidates were very good.

“Mr. Kleptz previously has served as a board member for Northmont City Schools which helped in his selection for the position,” he said.

Kleptz served two terms in eight years with Northmont before the family moved to Troy, where he set up Turnstone Financial. He said at one point in the future he knew he would want to get involved with the Troy board of education but that he needed to wait for the correct timing.

“It was a challenging role, and I knew at one point I would like to do it again,” he said.

Kleptz’s focus then was on school funding, state testing and facility maintenance, which has not changed and were the main areas he wants to work with in Troy.

“I would like to work on the same issues, since they’re just as important now as they were then,” he said. “And ultimately I would like to have success with them.”

The other applicants for the job were Michael Ham, Tom Brinkman, Brad Anderson and Ted Ristoff.

The next board meeting is July 13.