Restaurant inspections

Provided by the Miami County Public Health Department.

Aug. 8

• 36 Skate Club, 4845 W. State Route 36, Piqua — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, 836 W. Main St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• Troy Bowl, 1530 McKaig Ave., Troy — Critical; Repeat: Hot water for mechanical sanitization is below required temperature. Observed mechanical, high-temperature dish machine was not able to provide 160-degree water during rinse cycle.

• Tippecanoe Coffee, 22 N. Second St., Tipp City — Repeat: Facility does not have an employee with Level II certification in food protection. Observed no Level II Food Safety Certification in facility.

Critical; Repeat: Employees are not informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report information about their health. Observed no verifiable employee illness policy in facility.

Repeat: No written procedures for vomiting or diarrheal events. Observed no bodily fluid clean up procedure in facility.

Critical: Food employee(s) did not wash hands when required. Observed employee handling money from customers and then donning gloves to make customer sandwiches without first washing hands.

Repeat: Food thermometer not readily accessible. Observed food thermometer scaled 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Facility needs thin-tipped digital thermometer or thin-tipped probe thermometer scaled from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Critical; Repeat: Missing and/or incomplete allergen declaration(s). Observed individually packaged baked goods for consumer self-service that were not properly labeled. Observed baked goods, individually packaged and out for consumer self-service without required label information or allergen information.

Repeat: Outer opening not protected. Observed hole in wall leading to outside in furnace room.

Repeat: Improper storage of food items. Observed single-use cups, napkins, and straws stored directly on the floor in the dry storage room in the back hallway.

Repeat: Equipment not approved by a recognized testing agency. Observed residential equipment throughout facility: microwave, food processor, refrigerator, blender. Replace with commercial.

Repeat: Floors, walls, and/or ceilings not smooth and easily cleanable. Observed water damaged ceiling tiles in the dry storage closet in the back hallway and water damaged ceiling tiles in the back hallway. The source of these leaks needs to be identified, repaired, and the ceiling tiles replaced.

Food service operation did not have a person in charge per shift with Level I certification in food protection. Owner was not present in facility who had previously stated she is the only employee of the business. Employee present did not have Level I food safety certification.

• Springmeade Health Center, 4375 S. County Road 25-A, Tipp City — Critical; Repeat: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed mold growth on the inside of the ice machine. Increase cleaning frequency to prevent these accumulations.

• Troy’s Quick Mart, 10 Race St., Troy — Critical: At the time of inspection, the establishment was without an employee health policy and not ensuring the employees are informed of their responsibility to report their health information. Obtain an employee health policy, go over with employees and document.

At the time of inspection, the establishment was without a bodily fluid clean-up procedure. Obtain a procedure for the cleaning and disinfecting of bodily fluid accidents.

Corrected During Inspection: The front handwashing sink was observed without hand soap. Upon making the person in charge aware of this, they placed hand soap at the hand sink.

Corrected during inspection: At the time of inspection, the front hand sink was without hot water. Upon making the person in charge aware of this, the hot water valve was turned on resulting in adequate water temperature.

Critical: At the time of inspection, food contact surfaces (ice cream scoop, shake cups, etc., were not being sanitized after cleaning and before use. Ensure the three compartment sink is used to sanitize after washing and before use.

Corrected During Inspection: The ice cream scoop was observed being stored in standing water. Upon making the PIC aware of this, the ice cream scoop well was turned on.

In the back storage area, boxes of single-serve items were observed being stored on the floor. Place boxes of single serve items at least 6 inches off the floor.

Corrected During Inspection: At the time of inspection, the three-compartment sink was not available (items were in and blocking the three-compartment sink) for the cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces. Upon making the person in charge aware of this, items blocking the three-compartment sink were relocated.

At the time of inspection, the establishment was without a sanitizing solution test kit. Obtain the proper sanitizing solution test kit.

In the store display area, multiple cabinets, display cases, etc., were observed with food and dust debris build-up. Clean all cabinets, display cases and storage/holding surfaces.

The water line in the cabinet beneath the soda fountain machine was observed leaking water. Also, the water from the ice cream scoop well was observed leaking water. Repair or replace both to prevent standing water.

• Circle K, 1901 W. Main St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.