YWCA Women of Excellence named

Oexmann, Swisher among honorees

PIQUA — The YWCA Piqua will host the 23rd Gala Celebration honoring the 2019 Women of Excellence on Thursday, October 17, 2019, at the Piqua Country Club. The reception begins at 11:30 a.m. with the luncheon award presentation from 12-1:30 p.m. Tickets ($50 each) are available at the YWCA Piqua.

This awards program, established by the YWCA in 1997, recognizes women and young women who reside in, are employed, or active in Miami County and have distinguished themselves in their careers and/or in civic and community activities. 2019 Women of Excellence honorees are Deb Oexmann of Troy and Lorna Swisher of Tipp City. The 2019 Young Woman of Tomorrow is Cassidy Hemm of Piqua.

Past honorees have included: Women of Excellence – 1997: Cheryl M. Buecker; Joan C. Heidelberg; 1998: Lucinda L. Fess, Lynnita K.C. Wagner; 1999: Ruth Hahn, Sr. Virginia Scherer, S.C., Shirley Swallow; 2000: Ann M. Hinkle, Julia D. Hobart; 2001: Barbel E. Adkins; 2002: Rita J. Hollenbacher, Sharon Robinson, Patricia Duke Robinson; 2003: E. Violet Das, D. Ann Baird, Linda Verceles; 2004: Jean M. Burner, Shirley M. Saxton; 2005: Diana Fessler, Jean Heath; 2006: Cheryl Fox-Bender, Jill A. Wilson; 2007: Maria Cruz-Nanagas, M.D.; 2008: Sondra Christian, R.N., Ginger Godfrey; 2009: Dr. Jane H. Rudy, Diana L. Thompson; 2010: Deborah A. Miller; 2011: Ginny Beamish, Tara Dixon-Engel; 2012: Linda A. Daniel and Terry Naas; 2013: Melissa Romanoli and Susie Wise, R.N.; 2014: Linda Arbogast and Becky Rice; 2015: Ginny Rammel, Stacy Scott; 2016: Nancy Bowman and Ruth Koon; 2017: Ruth Jenkins; 2018: Connie Strehle and Myrna Yoder.

Young Woman of Tomorrow – 1997: La Tisha Martin; 1998: Abigail E. Zechman; 2000: Heidi L. Nees; 2001: Gabrielle A. Strouse; 2002: Christina J. Lyons; 2003: Ann Marie Wainscott; 2004: Ashlie B. Arthur; 2005: Anne D. Frasure; 2006: Jessica Fullenkamp; 2007: Virginia Zimmerman; 2008: Elizabeth Okrutny; 2009: Macarena Sanchez-Studebaker; 2010: Samantha M. Gaier; 2011: Amy Marie Young; 2012: Lauren Seman; 2013: Annie Denlinger; 2014: Lauren Altenburger; 2015: Megan Osman; 2016: Mindy Bach; 2017: Ashley Ho; 2019: Darby Bubp.

For more information or to purchase a ticket, stop at the YWCA Piqua at 418 N. Wayne St. or call the YWCA Piqua at 773-6626.

Oexmann, Swisher among honorees