Troy schools inch closer to property contracts

Special board meeting on Sept. 24 for land acquisition

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Today

TROY — On Monday, Troy City Schools’ Superintendent Chris Piper said the district is firming up its facilities plans and possible land acquisition to begin its campaign for new elementary schools and a new middle school.

At the regular board of education meeting, Piper said the board has been meeting in several executive sessions to discuss land purchase options and is “getting very close on several of those items.”

The board of education agreed to meet at 8 a.m. Sept. 24 in a special session to consider land purchase contracts for the location of one of three Pre-K through fourth grade buildings.

Piper also said the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) had revised its state share of funding to the district’s future construction plans from 39 percent up to 42 percent. The district has received its OFCC packet, which needs to be turned back into the state by Sept. 27.

The district’s plan is to build three new Pre-K through fourth grade buildings at the current locations of Cookson and Concord Elementary sites and a new site in the southern area of the district. A middle school would be located at the current Hook Elementary site and would house fifth and sixth grades. Hook and Cookson sites have city park land to expand its footprint, while the other sites such as Kyle and Forest are land locked. Current Hook, Cookson and Concord buildings would be razed, and then new buildings would be built on the sites.

Board member Susan Borchers said it would be beneficial to have a picture of the placement of buildings on sites and more details to provide the better picture of what the district plans to build. Piper said the district’s team would work on getting site “footprints.”

President Doug Trostle said building design hasn’t started yet, but a “footprint” of current sites, which have been determined by the architect to fit according to the state’s requirements, could be done by October.

“All of the buildings would be very similar as far as a footprint. They’d have their own personality for the neighborhood and character, as far as brick versus stone or whatever the outside finishes would be. The floor plans themselves would be very similar, other than the fifth and sixth grade building some of those features would be larger because they are dealing with bigger audience,” Trostle said. “It’s exciting. We’d like to share more. I guess we are going through the due diligence of making sure everyone is comfortable with the terms of the contracts of the site, and we should be able to share more on the 24th.”

In other news:

Van Cleve Sixth Grade Principal Matt Siefring shared with the board how the school builds its “teams” from the district’s five elementary buildings converging into one building. Siefring said the school spent the first two days of school doing team building exercises and presenting the district’s new character model “The Trojan Way.” Siefring had three students share their experience with the board with meeting new students and having an early school start time. Siefring said the student team process starts the spring prior to the school year. Siefring said he has each teacher submit a student profile to balance teams with various levels of academic progress and to help “blend” students together. Van Cleve’s student counselor JoLynn Scalice shared how she meets each of the 350 students within the first few days of school and helps coordinate the team building exercises to help with the transition for the students. Siefring also shared that his administrative assistant Taffawni Queen was part of the team and helps coordinate the orientations, letters to parents and answering parents’ questions at the beginning of the year.

Piper said each board meeting will feature school district programs or updates as part of the presentation portion of the board meetings.

Special board meeting on Sept. 24 for land acquisition

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