Tipp BOE OK bond issue for 2020 ballot

Discuss district’s state report card

By Cecilia Fox

For Miami Valley Today

TIPP CITY — The Tipp City Schools board of education will place a facilities bond issue on the ballot in November 2020, not next spring.

The district also made changes to its class rank policy.

Superintendent Gretta Kumpf presented a bond issue timeline to the board Monday night.

The timeline includes the beginning of the community research process in early December, which is expected to continue through March. It also proposes a work session for May 11, 2020, to discuss the results of the community survey and focus groups, as well as a series of community outreach programs next summer and fall.

The board had originally planned to put a construction bond issue on the ballot next March.

“There was a lot of discussion at our last meeting about when we might get back to the ballot for facilities. As we were really developing our master plan and looking at the timelines … it really seemed that the presidential election with the stronger turnout and being able to do a full-scale professional research survey and utilize that information to guide us, that that seemed to be a very good direction,” Kumpf explained.

The board voted at its previous meeting to conduct a community survey to gauge public attitudes toward the district’s facilities plan.

Kumpf added that, “We will be anticipating some changes on the board and having our new board fully engaged and part of that decision making seems to be a very good thing.”

The board voted Monday night to amend its class rank policy, changing it so that grades will be weighted when calculating a student’s class rank. This change will be in effect for the Class of 2021 and beyond.

Last year, the district eliminated valedictorian and salutatorian honors, instead awarding collegiate-style Latin honors.

• State report card

Assistant Superintendent Steve Verhoff presented the district’s state report card results to the board Monday night.

The district was one of two in the county to receive an overall B rating, which was also the highest overall grade in Miami County, Verhoff said.

Verhoff also said that the district had the highest grades in the county in the graduation rate, gap closing and prepared for success categories. The district has a 95 percent four-year graduation rate and received an A in Gap Closing, a category which looks at the performance of student subgroups, including English learners and students with disabilities.

The district also had the second highest Performance Index score in the county, 81.3 percent. This number measures the test results of every student in the district. The district ranked 118th in the state in this category, Verhoff said.

The district received a C in the Prepared for Success category, which looks at student SAT and ACT scores, college enrollment, and students who earn industry recognized credentials.

“If we look across the state, there are only 98 school districts in the whole State of Ohio who had a C or better in prepared for success,” Verhoff said.

The district also received Cs in Achievement and Improving At-Risk K-3 readers.

Verhoff said the district’s report card shows “a lot of improvements and room for growth,” but added, “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite.”

He said the district will be focusing on improving its K-3 reading scores, looking at what other districts are doing in this area.

“As a district we are very proud of that,” Kumpf said of the district’s overall score. “You always want to have more. We’d like to be one of those that had an A, but we know that there is a lot of effort and a lot of goodness that is in that B.”

Discuss district’s state report card