Health Partners offers Medicare counselor

TROY — For the seventh year, Health Partners Free Clinic is housing a Certified Application Counselor (CAC), formerly known as a Navigator. The CAC is available to help anyone in the community, not just patients of the clinic, create an account on the Federal Exchange, fill out the application, compare the plans that are presented, and enroll in the plan that the consumer feels best fits their financial and medical needs. The assistance is always free and offers an unbiased look at the federal website,

Open enrollment for 2020 coverage will begin Nov. 1 and run through Dec. 15.

Whether going on for the first time, re-enrolling/enrolling in a new plan, simply checking out the available options, or even filling out an exemption, the exchange has seen many changes over the years, and having the help of an unbiased “broker,” without attachment or allegiance to any one company, can certainly be beneficial.

“I am not paid by commission with a certain company so there is nothing to gain by pushing people one way or the other. Not that there is a problem with that style of insurance sales, it is just not what the CAC program was set up for,” said Stephanie Morris, HPFC’s CAC. “The only goal is to help and be of service, just as it is with every program here at Health Partners.”

To make an appointment with Morris, or learn about other clinic programming, such as their Medicare OSHIIP assistance, or even donation options, contact Health Partners Free Clinic at (937) 332-0894. Health Partners Free Clinic is located at 1300 N. County Road 25-A, Troy.