Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Nov. 1

GATE DAMAGED: The gate at the Hobart Urban Nature Preserved was damaged.

Nov. 2

POSSESSION: A deputy made a traffic stop on a silver 2009 Pontiac G6 for an equipment violation in the area of U.S. 40 near State Route 201. During the stop, a probable cause search was conducted due to the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The passenger, Brian Davis, was subsequently issued a minor misdemeanor citation for possession of marijuana.

ID THEFT: A deputy responded to a residence in Monroe Twp. in reference to an identity theft complaint. The victim did not suffer any monetary loss, and his bank requested a report documenting the incident.

JAIL ISSUE: A deputy responded to the Miami County Incarceration Facility on the report of a male falling off his bunk and hitting his head. Troy EMS transported the male, Mathew Cartonia, to Upper Valley Medical Center to be evaluated for his head injury. Once at the hospital, Cartonia refused all treatment, and then he refused to sign a release form. He was eventually transported back to the incarceration facility and turned over to corrections staff.

Nov. 3

OVERDOSE: Deputies responded to the 7000 block of New Carlisle Road, Bethel Twp., for an overdose. Upon arrival, Michael Wiley was lying on the ground in the kitchen. The squad gave him multiple doses of Narcan to wake him up and then transported him to Grandview Hospital. No evidence of anything illegal was located in the general area of the house that Wiley was found.

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputy observed a black Mercedes traveling east bound on State Route 41. The vehicle turned south bound onto State Route 202 and when doing so, failed to use a turn signal. The deputy activated overhead lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle. When doing so, the vehicle refused to stop. After activating my sirens multiple times, the vehicle turned on its flashers, but still failed to stop. After following the vehicle south bound on State Route 202 for roughly 3.5 miles with lights and sirens on and also hitting the air horn several times, the vehicle finally stopped at Tipp-Elizabeth Road. Upon further investigation, Troy Clay will be charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug abuse instruments, failing to signal a turn, and driving under suspension. James Myers will be charged with possession of methamphetamine.

LAND ROVER LOCATED: A deputy responded to the 5600 block of North Rangeline Road, Newberry Twp., for a possible theft of a white Land Rover. After investigation, it was found the vehicle was taken from Milford. The deputy referred the reporting party to the local law enforcement agency there.

WALLET FOUND: A resident turned over a wallet found at Charleston Falls. It was placed in found property at the sheriff’s office.

ANIMAL ISSUE: Deputies responded to the area of Rusk Rd. and Troy Sidney Road, Staunton Twp. in reference to an animal complaint. A deputy spoke with the witness who stated she observed a little white dog walking down the roadway. They stopped to help the dog and found the dog had a plastic bag stuck to it and it was bloody on the rear hind quarters. After further examination, they determined the dog was having puppies. The deputy contacted the animal shelter, however the female on scene stated she wanted to get the dog help and offered to take it to the 24 hour med service in Moraine. The animal shelter agreed it was OK. The reporting party transported the dog away from the scene for medical help. A short time later after speaking with Deputy Fraley, the deputy advised them to call the Troy Animal Hospital for assistance. Deputy Fraley stated she would follow up on this case.

PHONE STOLEN: A deputy responded to UVMC in regards to a stolen cell phone. The deputy spoke to the reporting party who stated that her cell phone was being charged at a community charging area on the second floor of the hospital. Sometime before 7 p.m. she went to get it and it was gone. The security department was able to provide a picture of a possible suspect along with a name. Case pending.

Nov. 4

ATV THEFT: A deputy responded to the 4600 block of Iddings Road, Union Twp., for a theft complaint. An old Honda four-wheeler was pushed from a barn and onto a neighboring golf course, where it was left. The owner of the four-wheeler pushed it back to the barn and requested an information report be made.

Nov. 5

K9 DETAIL: A deputy observed a silver Pontiac traveling east bound on State Route 571. The deputy attempted to catch up to the vehicle, but the vehicle quickly turned into a driveway and it turned its lights off as soon as it was fully in the driveway, but before it stopped as if it was attempting to hide. Due to this fact, the deputy went down the road and parked in a church parking lot. After roughly one minute, the vehicle left and headed westbound. After catching up to the vehicle, the deputy ran the license plate through LEADS, which came back as being expired since March.The deputy then conducted a traffic stop at the listed location. Upon further investigation, Joshua Mowery was cited for driving under suspension and driving with expired registration. K9 Vello was used to conduct a free air sniff of the vehicle. K9 Vello alerted to the odor of illegal narcotics. However, no illegal narcotics were located. A syringe cap was located inside an AC vent, but the vents were not taken apart to search further, due to the fear of breaking them.

ASSIST RESIDENT: A deputy met with a Newton Twp. resident in reference to an abandoned boat. The reporting party was in the process of obtaining a title for the boat through the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The resident had completed all the tasks they had asked and requested he file a police report as his final step.

BUS STOP ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched in reference to a reckless complaint in the area of Washinton and Stanfield roads in Troy. After further investigation, Derek McCool was cited for failure to stop for a school bus.

Nov. 6

K9 DETAIL: K9 Vello and Deputy Thobe were dispatched to Foss Way in Troy for a free air sniff for Troy P.D. An officer advised two males were inside the vehicle and were later ordered to exit. The deputy walked K9 Vello around the vehicle. After leading the dog around the car, Vello alerted on the driver door and the passenger door. Due to this fact, Officer Schlumpf searched the vehicle and located two used syringes on the floor of the vehicle where the passenger was sitting. Jeffrey Young was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments.