Scancarello discusses stress management

Libby Scancarello

TROY — What do Ted Turner’s TBS station, various newspapers and former Montessori instructor have in common? That would be Libby Scancarello, author of the column, Laughing Matters. She is an actress, artist, performer and Montessori instructor who shared her approach on how to manage shifting life paradigms with Troy Rotarians during their weekly meeting on June 16.

Scancarello focused her discussion on how to manage stress in this quickly changing world. As a single mother who moved across the country four times, she is qualified to talk about these techniques in a humorous way. Her three-step process helps manage one’s stress caused by changes in life. First, Scancarello says acknowledge the elephant in the room. That means you identify and name the source of your stress, recognize it and begin to face it. Next, she says to reframe your stress … and laugh about it. Embrace it after acknowledging it and learn to laugh at it. Finally, help someone else work through their stress. Scancarello says that, by recognizing stress in someone else and lending a helping hand, the satisfaction gained is both self-actualizing and therapeutic. Simply put, Scancarello’s formula for managing stress is to “Identify, Laugh, and Share.”

Along with her acting and artistry, she has worked in Atlanta, Dayton and other cities. An early employee of Ted Turner’s TBS station, she was on the team that produced several documentaries, including “Portrait of America: Iran.” She came to Troy several years ago, after gaining her teacher’s certificate, and was an instructor at Troy’s Montessori program. Rotarians enjoyed her presentation and words of wisdom on how to manage ever-changing, stressful situations.

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