Smoldering curtain extinguished at high school

No one injured

TIPP CITY — On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the Tipp City Fire Department was dispatched to the Tippecanoe High School for a report of a fire that was extinguished in the Center for Performing Arts (CPA). The department was dispatched at 8:01 p.m.

An engine arrived on the scene and crews found that a curtain in the CPA had smoldered causing smoke and an odor to be produced, according to city of Tipp City Chief of Emergency Services Cameron J. Haller. School staff members on the scene extinguished the hazard with a fire extinguisher prior to the fire department’s arrival, Haller said in a news release.

The cause of the issue is believed to be radiant heat from stage lighting, which caused the curtain to heat up to a point that it began to smolder.

“Quick actions from the staff on site prevented this from becoming a larger incident and creating more damage,” according to Haller. “The damage was contained to a small portion of the stage curtain.”

Fire department crew assisted in ventilation of the CPA from smoke and dry powder remnants from the fire extinguisher. All students and staff were reported to be safe and no injuries were reported, he said.

According to Haller, the Tipp City Fire Department remained on scene nearly an hour to ensure that no hazards were present and that the building was ventilated. All crews were released without incident and the school was able to return to normal operation.

No one injured