Council to review Troy’s 2020 budget

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Sunday News

TROY — City council will review the city of Troy’s 2020 budget and special funding for three organizations at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2, at City Hall.

Council will consider resolutions to appropriate $55,000 to Troy Main Street; $29,000 to Troy Rec; and $125,000 for the Troy Development Council. The funding is an annual authorization.

On Nov. 20, city staff and council reviewed the 2020 budget during a workshop session. The general fund budget expenses were projected to be $28.7 million for general operating costs and $8.5 million in capital projects for a total of $37.2 million for the year. Capital projects include Fire Station 1’s new station, which is estimated to cost $5-6 million, and a West Main Street property acquisition for the upcoming redesign from downtown to Interstate-75’s on ramp.

City revenues include a projected 3.1 percent increase in income tax around $20.4 million and an overall revenue projection of $32.4 million, including a general fund carry over balance of $25.4 million.

In 2020, a 27th pay period will cost the city to payout approximately $630,000 to employees for the extra pay check.

Other expenses include $150,000 for the downtown riverfront events and projects; $7,500 for additional downtown webcams; a $50,000 budget for the design plus $150,000 cost for a downtown welcome and restroom center; $200,000 for the dredging of the Treasure Island harbor; and $60,000 for the Adams Street and Community Park recreation trail connection.

Other expenses include major equipment and vehicle purchases, such as: $750,00 to replace a 1995 fire engine; $160,000 for a semi-automated packer truck; $135,000 for a 5-ton truck with plow; $80,000 1-ton truck; $64,800 for a backhoe for the utility department; replacements trucks for the park, cemetery, recreation, and water plant operations; three routine replacement vehicles for police department; replacement mowers; $48,000 for a tractor for Miami Shores; and five replacement golf carts.

Other expenses are $200,000 for the demolition of the 110 E. Canal Street and 212 S. Mulberry Street properties for the new Fire Station No. 1 location; $300,000 for Kidder Ditch improvements, which were budgeted for 2019 but the project was pushed to 2020; $1 million for road paving projects; $250,000 for a traffic signal at West Main and Kings Chapel; and $1.7 million for West Main Street right-of-way acquisitions including utility duct bank and signal interconnect for the upcoming redesign.

In terms of employment, an additional laborer position was requested for the park department to help with maintenance of the downtown area, a clerical position at the police department from part-time to full-time, and $40,000 to continue the fire department’s apprentice program with two additional student apprentice employees.

By Melanie Yingst

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