Science Day results announced

TIPP CITY — On Feb. 11, the Third annual Miami County Science Day was held at Tippecanoe High School for students in grades fifth through 12th. This event offered students a venue that promotes the development of creative thinking, research and writing skills and career motivation toward the sciences, all in one program. One hundred-fifteen students from Tipp City L.T. Ball Intermediate, Tippecanoe Middle School and High School, Piqua High School, Miami East High School, Bethel Middle School, Newton Middle School, Troy High School and Milton-Union Middle School completed and exhibited projects in zoology, chemistry, botany, space and earth sciences, computers, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, medicine and health and behavioral and social science.

The 49 students receiving “Superior” ratings were: from Tipp City – Emily Gootzeit, Allison Chitwood, Tim Andrews, Jesse Hemmelgarn, Levi Baileys, Ryan Hartke, Leena Vyas, Savy Dean, Nicole Strong, Kennedy Chaney, Gracie Kinsman, Thomas Chaney, Mason Doll, Logan Oskey, Isa Ramos, Ashley Cook, Zach Dix, Jaclyn Bashore, Isabelle Crow, Adam Buynak, Brandon Hood, Steven Ridgeway, Samantha Rowland, Hailey Ford, Sydney Brown, Emily VonKrosigk, Kailey Bryson, Avery Jacquemin, Amelia Campbell, Alexandra Davis, Max Dunaway, Jack Gootzeit, Jessica Miller, Sean Nichols, Ethan Royse, Maya Vyas; from Bethel — Adam Cartwright, Savannah Phipps, Lisa Sebastian, Alaina Yarwick; from Piqua — Corinne Tisher; from Newton — Matthew Koon; from Milton-Union — Sydney Dohrman, Abby Hissong, Jacob Motz; from Troy — Lauren Zaylskie, Megan Myers, Aislinn Klosterman, Jacqueline Fulker.

These students are eligible to go to the district science day held at Edison State Community College on Feb. 27. Students receiving a superior at District may go on to the State contest held at The Ohio State University in May.

Seventy area teachers, professionals and community members volunteered to judge the projects. Event sponsors donated awards and gift certificates in an amount totaling more than $2,800, plus additional event sponsorships. Sponsors included Tipp City Rotary Club, Adare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Adare Researchers, Abbott Nutrition Tipp City, Cargill, J & L Wood Products, CMD Technologies, Tipp Monroe Optimists Club, Dayton Society of Natural History, the Tipp City Area Community Foundations, Tippecanoe Masonic Lodge No. 174, Tipp City Animal Hospital, English Veterinary Services, John Skolnicki, CPA, James McGarry, John A. Smith Memorial Fund, Royal Crest Insurance, Energy Optimizers, USA, Hickory River Smokehouse, Jim Moore, Tipp City Mayor Pat Hale, Dave Werts, Georgia Bayman, the Woo Family, the Chitwood family, the Wahl family and the Schinaman/Allen family.

Bethel Middle School student Adam Cartwright was awarded the grand prize of $200 sponsored by Adare Pharmaceuticals. Emily Gootzeit, Tippecanoe High School and Abby Hissong, Milton-Union High School each received $50 for second and third places, sponsored by Dave Werts and Georgia Bayman.

Students receiving special awards and topic category awards were:

Jesse Hemmelgarn, Tipp High School — Tipp City Veterinary Hosp. Award in Animal Science, $100

Alexandra Davis, Tipp High School — Kramer Award for Animal Sciences, $50

Zach Dix, Tipp High School — Royal Crest Insurance Award in Behavioral & Social Sciences, $50

Isa Ramos, L.T. Ball (Tipp) – Schilling Award for Outstanding Project in Chemistry $75

Logan Oskey, Tipp High School — Shepherd Award for Outstanding Project in Chemistry $75

Thomas Chaney, Tipp High School — Moore Award for Excellence in Chemical Research $50

Gavin Ford, Tipp Middle School — Tippecanoe Masonic Lodge No. 174 Award for Engineering $100

Jessica Miller, Tipp High School — Adare Award for Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, $50

Samantha Rowland, Tipp High School — Schilling Award for Engineering /Material Science, $75

Abby Bick, Miami East High School — John A. Smith Memorial Award in Material Science $50

Levi Baileys/Ryan Hartke, Energy Optimizers, USA Energy Project Award $50

Leena Vyas, Tipp City — Eifert/Thompson Award for Energy & Transportation $50

Reagan Hull, L.T. Ball (Tipp) – McGarry Award for Environmental Management, $50

Emily Gootzeit, Tipp High School — Mayor Pat Hale Award in Environmental Management $50

Adam Falknor, Troy High School — Venkatesh Award for Medicine & Health Sciences, $75

Melanie Schall, Tipp High School — Dr. James Woo Award for Medicine & Health $50

Adam Buynak, Tipp High School — Vankatesh Award for Physics, $75

Ashley Cook, Tipp MS – Cargill Award for Plant Sciences, $50

Allison Chitwood, Tipp High School — John Bowling Award in Math/Statistics $40

Jaclyn Bashore/Isabelle Crow, Tipp HS- Abbott Nutrition: One Team, 1 Voice, 1 Goal $100

Tim Andrews, Tipp High School — Abbott Nutrition: I am Accountable Award $50

Leena Vyas – Tipp City, Abbott Nutrition, I am a Leader Award $50

Jesse Hemmelgarn – THS, Abbott Nutrition: I Drive Continuous Improvement Award $50

Emily Gootzeit, Tipp High School — Abbott Nutrition: I will make Timely, Fact Based Decisions $50

Emily Becker, Troy High School — Abbott Nutrition: My Work Matters Award $50

Thomas Chaney, Tipp High School — Best Presentation of Data, John Skolnicki sponsor, $50

Adam Buynak, Tipp High School — Best Presentation of Data, John Skolnicki sponsor, $50

Allison Chitwood, Tipp High School — Best Presentation of Data, John Skolnicki sponsor, $50

Emily Gootzeit, Tipp High School — Best Presentation of Data, John Skolnicki sponsor, $50

Isa Ramos, L.T. Ball (Tipp) – Best Presentation of Data (Grades 5-8) Wahl Family Fund, $50

Emily Gootzeit – THS, Tipp-Monroe Optimists Award for Best Abstract $50

For more information about the Science Day program, contact Dr. Martin English, 1470 W. Main St., Tipp City, call 667-3217, email or visit