Restaurant inspections

Provided by the Miami County Public Health Department

Dec. 13

• VFW Post #4235, 173 N. High St., Covington — Facility does not have an employee with manager certification in food protection.

Critical: Employees are not informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report information about their health. At time of inspection this document could not be shown. Food service is going to email this document to the Health Department, to provide proof it is in place.

Observed water leak at bar dump sink. Fix properly.

• Fraternal Order of Eagles #3998, 715 E. Broadway, Covington — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Dec. 16

• Covington Care Center, 75 Mote Drive, Covington — Critical: Equipment and/or utensils improper construction. Observed rusting bolts and components on the inside of the ice machine. Replace all rusting components or replace machine.

Plumbing system not properly maintained or repaired. Observed small leak in the plumbing of the mechanical dish machine. The piping above the machine was dripping onto the top of the machine and onto the floor behind the machine. Repair according to plumbing code.

Physical facilities not maintained in good repair. Observed a small hole in the wall under the three-compartment sink. Also, observed the wall behind the ice machine is missing cove molding and the wall is deteriorating.

Repeat: Unnecessary or nonfunctional items and/or litter on premises. Observed unused three-door cooler in kitchen. Repair or discard.

Facility not maintained clean. Observed residual food debris build up under the shelving in the walk in cooler and freezer. Observed residual food debris and dust/dirt accumulation under/behind most of the fixed equipment in the kitchen. Increase cleaning frequency to prevent these accumulations.

• ReU Juicery & Organic Kitchen, 5 E. Main St., Troy — Corrected During Inspection; Critical: Missing and/or incomplete allergen declaration(s). Observed consumer self service granola out for sale without proper ingredient/allergen labeling. PIC moved behind counter until labels are made.

Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are unclean. Observed caulking around metal pan underneath juicer was discolored and dirty to site and touch. Replace caulk, keep clean.

Floors, walls, and/or ceilings not smooth and easily cleanable. Observed cracked and missing pieces of flooring in back kitchen area around juicer and prep sink. Facility has plans to install new flooring around the end of the month (possibly Dec 24-25). Complete renovations plan review packet and have approved by MCPH before replacing floor.

• Residence Inn, 87 Troy Town Road, Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• West Milton Stop & Go, 1046 S. Miami St., West Milton — Repeat: At the time of inspection, the PIC was not aware of an individual who had Level 2 (Managerial) Food Safety Certification. Have an individual obtain the Level 2 Food Safety Certification.

Critical; Repeat: At the time of inspection, there was no verifiable employee illness policy. Obtain a written employee health policy, go over with employees and document.

Repeat: At the time of inspection, the PIC was not aware of a written procedure for bodily fluid accidents. Obtain a written procedure for bodily fluid accidents.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical: (5) 1/4 pieces of pepperoni pizzas on the top shelf of the hot holding unit were observed holding between 102 F and 121 F. Upon making the PIC aware of this the pizzas were discarded.

Critical: In the cabinets beneath the soda fountain machine and coffee makers, mouse droppings were observed. Clean and, if necessary, contact exterminator.

The following surfaces were observed with build-up: 1. The internal surfaces of the cabinets beneath the beverage counter (food debris) 2. The internal surfaces of the cappuccino machine (powder) 3. The internal surfaces of the soda fountain machine nozzles (syrup)

Critical; Repeat: A hose was observed attached to the three compartment sink fixture that was lying in the wash compartment. Remove hose and obtain a fixture extender or a shorter food grade hose.

Repeat: Ceiling tiles above the hot water heater and coffee machines were observed missing.

Between the beverage counter cabinets and the back storage area, holes were observed in the wall. Seal the holes.

Repeat: At the time of inspection, the facility was without an individual on hand who had Level One (PIC) Food Safety Certification. Have an individual on hand who is either Level One or Level Two Food Safety Certified.

• 2 Lunas LLC, 12 S. Tippecanoe Drive, Tipp City — Corrected During Inspection; Critical: Food not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Observed pre-cooked chicken tenders and french fries stored under raw chicken, beef, and fish in the glass doored Pepsi cooler by the grill line. PIC moved french fries and pre-cooked chicken tenders above all raw meats.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical; Repeat: Improper cooling of TCS food. Observed cooked pork and cooked ground beef, in the walk in cooler, dated 12/15 that had not cooled to the required 41F or below in 6 hours. Cooked pork was observed with an internal temperature of 52F and ground beef with an internal temperature of 54F. PIC voluntarily discarded.

Corrected During Inspection; Critical: Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, TCS foods not properly date marked. Observed various salsas and sauces made in house that were undated in the walk in cooler. PIC voluntarily discarded.

Repeat: Improper method for cooling TCS foods. Observed cooked pork and ground beef in the walk in cooler, dated 12/15, that had not cooled to 41F or below in the required 6 hour time frame. These food items were in deep metal hotel pans, filled to the top, stored with the lid on. Discussed with PIC the requirements to rapidly cool food in the allotted time frames and how to facilitate rapid cooling. PIC was instructed to use shallow pans, with lids off until cooled, possibly cooled in the walk in freezer.

Provided by the Piqua Health Department

Nov. 27

• The Hideout, 1106 Fisk St., Piqua — Container of salad mix without date. Must date RTE food with date opened or made. Discard after seven days. The utensils need to be cleaned. Observed signs of mice. Increase level of sanitation and secure building. Container of bulk ingredient on counter without label. Label to prevent misuse. Glass bottle used to break up ice. Do not use glass for this activity. The following items need to be cleaned: air conditioners, hood, walk-in, upright refrigerator, three compartment sink, fans. Boxes of single service on the floor. Keep these items six inches off floor. Accumulation of trash and recycling inside facility. Remove more often. Lighting fixture broken in kitchen. Repair so there is enough light. Equipment stored outside. Remove.

Dec. 2

• 311 Drafthouse, 311 N. Main St., Piqua — Date all ready to eat TCS foods with date made or opened. Discard after seven days. Items not dated and others not discarded. Chicken wings cooling on counter. Cool food in refrigerator in order to speed cooling. Label all food containers to prevent misuse. If not unmistakable, in original container, must be labeled. The interior of the microwave and slicer need to be cleaned. Shelf by fryer needs cleaning. Provide metal stem thermometer. Provide test strips to check levels of sanitizer. Observed broken food containers. These must be smooth, durable and intact. When cooling foods, be sure to cool quickly. Cool from 135 degrees to 70 degrees in two hours, 70 degrees to 41 degrees in four hours. Use mechanical refrigeration, ice bath, etc., to speed cooling. Date all ready to eat TCS foods with date opened or made. Items must be discarded after being open for seven days.

Dec. 3

• Mikado, 1574 Covington Ave., Piqua — Observed scoops in stagnant water. Only store these items in product with the handle extended. Clean and dry or in running, draining water. Be sure food employees wash hands often. Wash after handling raw meat, after breaks, after coughing, after taking out trash, etc.

• The Cornerstone @8811, 8811 Career Drive, Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection. Be sure food employees wash hand often.

• Upper Valley Career Center, 8811 Career Drive, Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection. Remember all food employees must report symptoms of illnesses to PIC.

Dec. 4

• Edison State Snack Bar, 1973 Edison Drive, Piqua — The pans by the steam table and the mixer need to be cleaned. Observed signs of mice. Continue with treatment methods and increase level of sanitation. Repeat. The temperature gauge on the sanitizing cycle of the dishwasher was not accurate. Repair. The door on the upright freezer is not closing tight. Repair. The cover of the garbage disposal is damaged. Replace. Repeated issue. The floors need to be more thoroughly cleaned. Be sure food employees wash hands often. Be sure all food contact surfaces and equipment are thoroughly washed, rinsed and sanitized.

• Internet cafe, 1973 Edison Drive, Piqua. The soap dispenser fell off the wall. Repair so hands can be easily washed.

Dec. 5

• Knights of Columbus, 204 W. Ash St., Piqua — Cleaner store next to equipment. Keep chemicals away from equipment.

• Cracker Barrel, 980 E. Ash St., Piqua. Observed cracked/broken food containers. Replace. The following items need to be cleaned: refrigerator, under grill line, steam line area, reach in freezers, utensil rack. Be sure to cool foods rapidly. Cool from 135 degrees to 70 degrees in two hours and 70 degrees to 41 in four hours.

Dec. 9

• Sunset Meat Market, 1125 Covington Ave., Piqua — Bulk food items must be in labeled containers to prevent misuse. Taco meat for sale in chicken salad container. These containers are not designed for re-use.

Dec. 10

• Faith’s Pizza, 536 W. Wilson Ave., Piqua — At least one person in charge must have Level II manager certification. Provide thermometer for walk-in color so temperatures can be monitored. The following items need cleaning: ice machine and metal stem thermometer. The following items need to be cleaned: walk-in interior, mixer, fryer area, upright freezer interior. Label spray bottles with name of contents to prevent misuse. The floors, walk ins and ceilings need cleaning. The walls and ceiling have damage. Repair so surfaces smooth and easily cleanable. Remove unused equipment and items not needed for food operations. Multiple repeat issues from previous inspections. These items must be corrected prior to the next inspection or administrative hearing will be held to address issues.

Dec. 11

• AFC Sushi at Kroger, 1510 Covington Ave., Piqua — Provide consumer warning statement on container of raw fish that is ready for consumption. Mark the time rice is placed at room temperature and held. Wash, rinse and sanitize at three compartment sink. Not allowed to only wipe knife with sanitizer. Food on paper towels in prep unit. Do not store food on absorbent surfaces.

• Kroger, 1510 Covington Ave., Piqua. Satisfactory at time of inspection.

• Stillwater Valley Catering, 100 N. Sunset Drive, Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection. When operating off site either bring water from facility or ensure water at location is approved to use and is safe.