Sex offenders sentenced to prison

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Today




MIAMI COUNTY — A Piqua man will spend the next eight years in prison and will register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Brandon Mowen, 19, entered a plea of guilty to one count of first-degree felony rape of a minor in Miami County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday.

Mowen’s interactions with the victim occurred throughout the month of April 2019 while Mowen was 18 years old at a private residence in Piqua, according to the Piqua Police Department. Mowen and the victim also knew each other.

Deputy Chief Jason Preston of the Piqua Police Department said that Mowen admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim one time, but the victim claimed that it was upwards of 10 times. The police department’s investigation into the incident began after the victim reported the rape to a parent.

Public defense attorney Joe Fulker said Mowen was genuinely remorseful for his actions, was abused himself as a foster child and will address his issues during his prison sentence.

“I apologize for what I did. I know it was wrong,” Mowen said.

Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Paul Watkins said, “The defendant’s actions have forever changed the life of the victim.”

Judge Jeannine Pratt said crimes such as the one Mowen committed are the most serious cases to consider on the docket. Pratt told Mowen his actions were “very disturbing” since he took advantage of the victim’s age, their relationship and the victim’s disabilities. She said the victim suffered physical and emotional harm and is fearful and scared due to Mowen’s threat to not to tell anyone about the rape.

Mowen was granted 268 days of jail credit. He will spend five years on post-release control. He will be labeled a Tier III sex offender and must register his address every 90 days for the rest of his life.

• A convicted Tier III sex offender who was ordered not to live in a residence with children will spend one year in prison for failing to register his address with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday, Brent Long, 28, formerly of Piqua, was sentenced to 12 months in prison for third-degree felony attempted failure to register by Judge Jeannine Pratt.

Long, who was to register his address every 90 days and notify authorities if he changed his address, claimed he lived “off and on” at a West Milton home where a child under the age of 3 years resided. He also allegedly told authorities he didn’t want to live in Piqua with a relative due to marijuana use. Long later confirmed the home he left in Piqua did not have any children living at that residence. Part of Long’s Tier III sex offender sanctions was to have no unsupervised contact with children.

“I’ve learned my lesson. I can’t do this again,” Long said.

Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Paul Watkins said rules regarding sex offenders and notification were put in place because of offenders like Long. Watkins said Long was a danger to the community and its children. He requested a high-end prison term.

Judge Pratt reviewed Long’s criminal history which included one count of first-degree felony rape as a juvenile. As an adult, Long was convicted of contributing to the unruliness of a minor and second-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct with a minor which he served a four-year prison term.

Long was on post-release control during this incident. Long was granted 90 days of jail credit.

“Obviously you were aware of your sanctions,” Pratt said. Pratt told Long he put the community at risk and ignored the sanctions he put in place.

“My duty is to the public, not to you,” she said.



By Melanie Yingst

Miami Valley Today