Tipp City Council approves agreements with Wunderwood Drive residents

By Sam Wildow - Miami Valley Today

TIPP CITY — The Tipp City Council approved City Manager Timothy Eggleston to enter into an agreement with property owners off of Wunderwood Drive during its Monday meeting, which begins the process to widen and improve that roadway.

The council authorized Eggleston to enter into an agreement between the city of Tipp City and the residents of Wunderwood Drive for the purchase and/or donation of street right-of-ways and/or utility easements. The council also authorized such payments as necessary for the acquisition of said street right-of-way and/or utility easements.

According to a memorandum from finance director John Green to Eggleston and the Tipp City Council, Eggleston “has been working with the residents of Wunderwood Drive for several years to eliminate a platting discrepancy that permitted Wunderwood Drive to be platted as a private roadway.” The road was also originally constructed as a 12-foot-wide roadway surface, which does not support two-way traffic flow. The road needs to be widened to 18 feet.

There is also a private water main serving those residents that is connected to public water lines at both ends of Wunderwood Drive that is “nearing the end of its expected useful life.” Green’s memorandum states the “estimated costs of the street reconstruction and water main replacement project are cost prohibitive for the eight residents to replace the infrastructure themselves.” Those residents have also paid the same utility rates as other city residents, including an infrastructure replacement component.

The city and the residents abutting Wunderwood Drive have reached a preliminary agreement for the following items:

• The reconstruction of the roadway to an 18-foot width, which will permit two-way vehicle traffic, at an estimated cost of approximately $130,589.

• The residents have agreed to pay for two-thirds of the cost of the roadway reconstruction, which would be approximately $87,059 assessed to eight properties, and the city will pay for approximately $43,530 of the project.

• The installation of a new water main at the city’s cost, which was estimated at approximately $174,000.

• The dedication of the roadway and water line improvements to the city when constructed.

The purchase costs of the street right-of-ways and utility easements approved Monday evening included $2,046 for 0.044 acres to Kathryn Skinner; $3,162 for 0.034 acres to Lanay Barley; $3,255 for 0.139 acres to David and Sheryl Bechtol; $35,000 for 0.956 acres to Thomas Deborah DeRoss; and approximately $4,639 for 0.05 acres to Robert and Allison Potts. The council also accepted donations worth $53,908 from Thomas and Deborah DeRoss and $6,045 from David and Sheryl Bechtol related to street right-of-ways and utility easements.

These agreements were approved 6-0. Council member Kathryn Huffman abstained from voting.

Also during its meeting, the council approved an ordinance to rezone the property located at 3285 S. County Road 25-A, which is where the new Dollar General is expected to locate, from general business to highway business. The site is 1.36 acres, and its intended use is a 9,100 square feet retail facility.

The council then authorized the Eggleston to purchase two power cots from Stryker Corporation of Chicago, Il., at a cost of $96,547.20.

The council also authorized a license agreement with Adventures on the Great Miami, LLC for the use of the city’s boat launching ramp off of the river. Adventures on the Great Miami will pay the city 5 percent of the gross revenue of the operation of its business that takes place at that location.

During the council’s work session on Monday evening, the council discussed moving forward with the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, Inc. conducting a fire department operational study, which would examine the city’s fire and EMS needs and determine what level of staffing would be best for a city its size. The city received other estimates for the work. While the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association’s proposed cost of $17,600 was not the lowest cost, other cost proposals from other companies exceeded $30,000 to provide the same services. A conflict of interest between the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association and the city was also addressed, which included removing a former city employee from the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association’s design team. The council indicated its consensus to move forward with this study, which the council is expected to vote formally on at a later council meeting.

By Sam Wildow

Miami Valley Today

Reach the writer at swildow@aimmediamidwest.com. © 2020 Miami Valley Today, all rights reserved.

Reach the writer at swildow@aimmediamidwest.com. © 2020 Miami Valley Today, all rights reserved.