Campaign signs target of graffiti

Staff reports

TIPP CITY — Four signs opposing the upcoming Tipp City schools bond issue were vandalized last week, one was defaced with graphic graffiti.

According to a police report, two of the signs were sprayed with silver paint, the other two were torn down.

Resident Don Watson told police he put up the handmade signs on the morning of Feb. 26 after receiving approval from the department. That afternoon he noticed that one of the signs had been torn down.

On Sunday, Watson checked the other signs and discovered the sign in the 600 block of West Main Street had been pulled up and sprayed with silver paint.

The sign originally read, “The Real Truth for PK-3, Unnecessary New School is 54 $Million Over 37 years, Vote No 3-15-16.”

Another sign, located on Tipp-Cowlesville Road just south of Kessler-Cowlesville Road, was vandalized with a large drawing of a phallic symbol in silver spray paint, the report stated. The words “f— this guy” were also painted across the sign.

The sign originally read, “Untrustworthy Administrator’s, H.S. Prin. moves Alumni Pics, Sup. changes School Plans, will cost millions more, A.D. marched Vet Off Field, Vote No.”

There are no suspects at this time, the report said. Police advised that, given the public locations of the signs, anyone passing by could have vandalized them.

Anyone with information can contact the Tipp City Police Department.