Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

Feb. 27

ABANDONED CAR: A blue Mazda Tribute was sitting in front of 431 S Walnut Street with its hood up. The officer noticed that the plates expired on Sept. 5, 2015. A neighbor came outside and asked if the officer was here about the Mazda. They stated that it just showed up about three days ago and had been sitting here for the last two days with the hood up. The officer asked if they knew who owned the vehicle and they stated they did not know who it belonged to.

The registered owner comes back to a Daniel Bostick, 39, of Englewood. Daniel’s BMV record shows that he is deceased.

It appears that someone was working on the engine as there was a spark plug wire laying on the street in front of the vehicle and an empty jug of anti-freeze laying in the engine compartment. The back window is also missing.

Saunders towed the vehicle to their Troy lot. The officer completed a tow slip and put a hold on it until someone comes forward to claim the vehicle.

Feb. 29

CHILD ENDANGERMENT: Troy P.D. did a welfare check on four children living in poor conditions in a hotel room at the Motel 6. Police searched the room which had trash and clothing strew about. The mini refrigerator had a half gallon of expired and frozen milk, frozen cauliflower and a package of hot dogs. In the bathroom, police found a pipe and a rock of suspected crack cocaine. Janice Robinson, 38, of Troy, was charged and arraigned in Miami County Municipal Court for fifth-degree felony drug possession and first-degree misdemeanor child endangerment. Her pre-trial was set for March 8.

March 1

ASSAULT: The Troy P.D.’s SRO was called to the front office at the Troy High School by the Assistant Principal, Jeff Schultz. The officer was advised by Mr. Schultz that he had two females in the office and one had assaulted the other female and one female had an injury to her nose that was swelling and bleeding.

SAFETY SEAT VIOLATION: A traffic stop was made on a vehicle that went through the red light at the Public Square crosswalk at E. Main St. The driver was cited for the red light violation and having a child in the front seat without the proper safety seat. The driver stated the child, age 4, wanted to sit up front; there was an empty safety seat in the back seat.

DRUGS FOUND AT JUNIOR HIGH: It was reported three juvenile students at Troy Junior High had marijuana in their possession. The principal located a lighter in one male student’s possession. In checking the lighter, there was a lid that covered a small compartment. In the compartment, the principal discovered a small marijuana joint. The principal didn’t discover any contraband on the second male juvenile, but in a subsequent search of his locker, he discovered two pill containers with suspected marijuana in the pocket of a red drawstring bag. The principal spoke with the third juvenile but he denied any knowledge of the drug activities of the other two juveniles and no contraband was found in his possession. The two juveniles will be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs. The property from the two juveniles was then marked, packaged and placed in a property locker in the property room.

BROKEN WINDOW: An officer responded to the 100 block of Green Oak Drive, Troy, for a broken window. The reporting party stated sometime within the last hour someone had broken a window using a red riser wrench, which was laying below the broken window.

The officer found a riser fire hydrant the next block over which appeared to have recently been installed. The officer contacted Gary Stanley from Troy Fire and informed him of the wrench. Gary requested the officer take it to Troy Fire Station 1 and turn it over to them as they would have someone look into whom installed the riser and why the wrench was not secured. It is unknown whom committed this act and photos were taken of the broken window.