Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Feb. 26

SCHOOL SWEEP: At the request of Miami East Schools a deputy walked K9 Bear through their parking lot to have K9 Bear sniff for narcotics.

THEFT: A deputy responded on a theft from The Vault located at 761 North County Road 25A in Concord Township, Miami County, Ohio.

Feb. 27

GUN RECOVERED: A deputy was contacted by our property room officer about a gun he received from Cook County, IL. They located the gun on a call and learned it was stolen from Miami County. After processing the gun for their needs, it was shipped back to Miami County. The gun was turned over to the owner. The gun owner was very appreciative and said he has no connections with the Chicago area, so he does not know anybody that would have taken it there.

Feb. 28

CITATION: A deputy made a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a lanes violation at State Route 718 and Johnson Road, Newton Township. After investigation the passenger Bryant Barnes was cited for possession of marijuana.

Feb. 29

SCHOOL SWEEP: A deputy walked K9 Bear through Newton High School for a drug sniff at the request of SRO Deputy Karn.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A resident in the 4900 block of State Route 721 reports someone damaged her camper sometime between Saturday morning and earlier today. The suspect forcefully removed the camper license plate causing the license plate mounting frame to break off from the tail light. The estimated cost to repair is unknown.

The suspect then used the corner of the license plate to hammer the side of the trailer. This caused dents and gouge marks on the side of the camper. It also chipped paint in some areas. The suspect discarded the license plate under the camper stairs before leaving.

The reporting party suspect local juveniles but can not say with certainty. They request extra patrols of the village after bedtime hours.

March 1

OVI: A deputy made contact with the listed vehicle for a traffic violation, suspicious behavior on 111 West Water Street. At the conclusion of investigation Meghan Vannote was arrest for OVI.

GUNS GONE: A homeowner in the 1600 block of Casstown-Sidney Road, Troy, reported that his barn and shop were broken into sometime during the night. There were several items taken to include firearms and chainsaws during this incident. This matter is pending further investigation.

INMATE ALTERCATION: On this date, Sgt. Mike Marion heard a corrections officer call for back-up in A-Pod. Upon arriving at the pod door,the corrections officer was escorting a bloody, Inmate Dallas Calahan to the door. Sgt. Marion took him to the clinic to get medical attention since his left ear had been split open.

While he was receiving medical attention, Sgt. Marion asked him what happened. Calahan advised that he was carrying on a conversation while watching TV with another inmate. He advised Inmate Henry Ward “blind-sided” him for no reason. He went on to advise that it was unprovoked and he has no idea why Inmate Ward would have struck him. He claims to have court in two days and that he thinks he will be released, so he doesn’t “need” to fight anyone, because he doesn’t want to stay longer.

After getting the wound cleaned up, a deputy was called to transport him to UVMC as it appeared as though he was going to need stitches.

Inmate Ward requested medical attention, claiming that his hand hurt and was swelling. Sgt. Marion went to check on Inmate Ward. Upon asking him to see he hand, he voluntarily began talking about the incident, without any questioning. He advised he was “sick” of Inmate Calahan “bugging everybody for food”. He said Inmate Calahan had been asking everyone in the pod for food, and they were all tired of him asking. He went on to say that he told Calahan that and Calahan replied with derogatory remarks so he “went off on him”. Inmate Ward will be charged with one count of assault.

ADDRESS ISSUE: A deputy was advised of a possible sex offender registration violation where an offender had potentially registered an address that does not exist.