Troy police’s role for ‘Stay at Home’ order

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Sunday News



TROY — Troy Police Department breaks down the myths of Ohio’s “Stay at Home” order, which was implemented on Tuesday through April 6.

According to Capt. Shawn McKinney, residents and those who pass through the city of Troy do not need to carry a letter from their employer deeming their job as essential.

“Generally, if you tell an officer that you work at an business that has been deemed essential, we are going to believe you,” McKinney said. He added if circumstances that led to the initial police contact leads the officer to believe other criminal behavior is occurring, it may lead to additional questioning.

As for other travel throughout the city, McKinney said it is up to the officer’s discretion based upon the situation. McKinney said he hasn’t seen any reports from officers of non-essential travel, but those in violation will be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor by the health department.

McKinney said officers can assist the county health department to enforce business closures if requested, but they will attempt to get voluntary compliance first.

“We will consult with the Health Department and Prosecutor’s Office for blatant or repeat offenses,” McKinney said.

The Troy Police Department will also be assisting non-profits to deliver essential items from food pantries and assistance at local grocery stores if necessary. To arrange officer assistance, contact McKinney at (937) 440-1006.

Officers have also increased cleaning of the both patrol vehicles and inside the station as a precaution, McKinney said.

“We have provided officers with protective equipment. We are encouraging telephone reporting for minor offenses and are practicing social distancing when possible on calls that requiring a response,” he said.

McKinney said the department has increased patrols and presence at the essential businesses that are open and security checks of buildings that are closed. No reports of issues related to panic buying at local stores have been reports.

The department has been maintaining its normal patrol schedules without overtime or other staffing issues related to the pandemic.


By Melanie Yingst

Miami Valley Sunday News

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Reach the writer at © 2020 Miami Valley Sunday News, all rights reserved.