Public hearings set for rezoning issues

HIWT, park land and fence ordinance on agenda

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TROY — City council will have four public hearings regarding three rezoning requests and a request to amend fence provisions with its zoning code at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday at City Hall.

The public may address council in favor or against the issues. Members of the community and economic development committee will meet to discuss the public hearing comments to make recommendations to council at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

The first request is to rezone two lots from residential to light industrial for the purpose of additional parking for the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology’s new professional welding school facility. Plans for the expansion include to add parking for 100-130 additional professional students to the existing lot to the north on the school. The school will continue to use dirt mounds to block noise, according to school officials. On Jan. 20, the school held a neighborhood meeting where residents complained of high speed, traffic noise and general safety concerns in the area.

The second request is to rezone the 117-acre Huelskamp Farm from county agriculture and flood plain zoning to R-4 single family residential district. The rezoning will allow the land to be devoted to park use. The farm land will be used to expand Paul G. Duke Park.

The third request is to rezone two parcels of city property adjacent to Treasure Island Park from county flood plain zoning to city local retail district. The two parcels is approximately 4.9 acres combined.

The fourth public hearing will address the need to amend fence provisions and zoning code to clarify fences are accessory structures under the zoning code. The proposed change are to permit fences to be erected on the rear property line, to amend the definition of “fence” to include the word “accessory” and to clarify that the principal structure’s setback line on a property. Property owners could request variances if the provisions are found difficult to follow, according to the staff reports.

City requests to pay off $1.4 million in bonds

City council will consider a request made by city auditor John Frigge to retire two bonds early for a combined payment of $1, 415,000. The first bond amount is $880,000 (plus accrued interest fees) and is set to expire on Dec. 1, 2016. The payment is included in the 2016 budget. The second bond in the amount of $535,000 is set to expire on Dec. 1, 2017, which will need funds to be re-appropriated. The bonds were originally used to pay for the city’s water line extension and water system improvements in 1996 and 1997. The bonds were refinanced in 2005 to lower interest rates of 5 percent and 4 percent.

“Since we have no investment opportunities to offset these interest rates and sufficient Water Fund reserves, we respectfully request that council approves retiring these bonds early. Total savings will be just under $70,000 in interest and there is no pre-payment penalty associated with either of these bonds,” Frigge stated in a memo to council president Marty Baker.

Emergency designation is requested.


In addition to the rezoning issues, the following ordinances are on the city council’s agenda for March 7:

O-12-2016 accept final plat and dedication of right-of-way, Edgewater Subdivision Section 8 (First reading) There will be a total of 20 building lots on 5.0951 acres for the final plat of this subdivision.

O-14-2016 Declaring certain vehicles and equipment as surplus and authorizing sale of items (First reading)

Five items will be listed for auction. The items include 1998 Ford Taurus sedan worth $1,000, 2010 Ford Crown Victoria worth $4,000, 2000 Dodge Intrepid sedan worth $1,000, 2003 Progressiv T-65 bat wing mower worth $1,000 and 1991 Grumman 600 gallon pumper fire truck worth $10,000. The vehicles will be listed on the GovDeals site.

O-15-2016 Dedication of Waterline Easements and Sanitary Sewer Easements, West Main Street and Stanfield Road, First reading reading front of Meijer Store emergency The purpose of the easements is for the pending construction of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.


The following resolutions are on city council’s agenda for March 7:

R-9-2016 Consent to assignment of water tower maintenance agreements from Caldwell Tanks Inc. to Utility Service Company Inc. (First reading)

The agreement with Caldwell Tanks will be transferred to Utility Service Company who will continue the terms of the existing tank maintenance agreement. The agreement includes yearly inspection and maintenance of the city’s water towers and a wash out tank at the Water Treatment Plant. Caldwell Tanks is no longer providing the maintenance service and is transferring its contracts to USCI.

R-10-2016 Resolution of necessity for Phase 9 of the Sidewalk Improvement Program (first reading)

Sidewalk quantities are being obtained/measured for the 2016 sidewalk repair program (Phase 9). This phase includes the following locations: areas along South Plum, South Cherry, South Walnut and South Mulberry between Main and Franklin; South Market, South Walnut and South Mulberry between East Franklin and East Canal; and the area encompassed by South Market, East West, South Clay, Ross and South Mulberry which include the following streets Young, Enyeart and Dakota.

R-11-2016 authorizing bidding for the McKaig Road Improvement Project, $1,500,000 (first reading)

The project include roadway reconstruction from Madison Street (at the railroad tracks) to Lake Street. According to the committee report, $525,000 of the project cost will be funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission. The project did exceed the $1,215,000 original design estimate due to two-year old estimates, failure to include school sign signals and other factors.

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HIWT, park land and fence ordinance on agenda

Staff Reports