Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

March 3

ATTEMPTED FRAUD: An officer spoke with the reporting party at the station in reference to a phone/mail scam.

She advised that since Feb. 23, 2016 she has been speaking with “Don Willy” in reference to her watching his child for a weekend when he moved to Troy. She stated that he located her name from a caregiver website. He advised that he would pay her $350 for two days and he would send her a check in advance to cover it. She then received a check from him for $1800.

He advised her to cash the check and then he wanted her to purchase a wheelchair for his son. Kristin advised that the subject had a foreign accent.

The reporting party checked with the bank and found that the check was counterfeit and the bank held the check. “Don” contacted her numerous times about whether or not the check had been cashed or not and wanted her to respond ASAP when the check was cashed.

The officer checked the Internet and found that the phone number (614-715-9656) was flagged as a possible phone scam The officer took photos of the text messages between the two. She was advised that the incident would be documented and that “Don” may become threatening or he may just stop contacting her.

At this time there will be no further investigation.

March 4

CRIMINAL DAMAGING: Officers were dispatched to Boyer Park for a criminal damage complaint. Dispatch advised that a black Trans Am was doing donuts in the park and was last seen on Jeep St. The vehicle was located with mud and grass on the back end. The juvenile driver was charged with criminal damaging.

March 5

DISORDERLY: An officer was dispatched to 773 W Market St for a disorderly subject behind the building. Carolyn Schilling was found sitting on the passenger side floorboard of somebody else’s vehicle and highly intoxicated. Schilling was charged with disorderly conduct and transported to UVMC by Troy Fire Department.

March 7

WARRANT: Patrolmen were dispatched to 404 Crescent Drive Apt 5D in regards to a welfare check on a Yolanda Courts. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office had talked with Yolanda and thought she needed checked on. 911 advised that Yolanda had an active warrant out of Miami County for theft.

Yolanda was home but she refused to open the door for the first 4 or 5 minutes. Finally Yolanda answered the door. As Ptl. Hohenstein confirmed the warrant, the officer asked Yolanda about calling Montgomery County. Yolanda said she was having some issues with her two biological sisters who live there. The Troy P.D. transported Yolanda to the jail where she was turned over and incarcerated.

March 8

SPEED: While traveling west on Main Street, a Troy Police officer was operating moving radar and checked an oncoming green Yukon at 52 mph in the 35 mph zone. The officer stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as Colton Huff. Colton was upset that the officer had stopped him and advised that he was on his way to the court to pay a previous ticket for speed. Colton was issued a citation for his speed.

THEFT: A Troy Police officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a theft no longer in progress. Loss prevention had a male in the office not causing a problem.

Officer identified the subject as Ryan Alvermann from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Ryan explained that he was just in town for his grandmother’s funeral. His wife had dropped him off at Walmart and he just made a stupid decision to walk out of the store without paying for anything. He stated that his wife did not know that he was going to take anything, that it was a stupid last minute decision.

The officer completed a summons for theft for Ryan and he was released to his wife.

WALLET RECOVERED: An officer spoke with a subject in reference to a found wallet. He stated that the wallet was sitting on the bench in front of the Caroline. He stated that he located a phone number for the owner and had already called and told him to pick it up at the Police Department. The subject later came in and claimed the missing wallet.