Superintendent explains report card

Results still filtering in nearly a year after the tests

TROY — Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman addressed the release of the state’s report card during the regular board of education meeting on Monday. Herman reported that the district passed 29 out of 33 indicators met giving Troy a “B” in that category. The night before the information was released, the state added the 33rd indicator of gifted, which the district did not meet the standards to drop its indicator score from an “A” to a “B”. The indicators include all testing from third through 10th grade.

The districts’ sixth-grade reading score and seventh-grade reading and mathematics score did not receive a passing grade, although Herman said Troy’s achievement levels in most of its indicators were higher than similar districts such as Huber Heights, Centerville and Miamisburg.

Herman said the expanded report card results were frustrating, noting one school official in an Ohio school district found that districts who took the same tests with paper and pencil received higher scores than those who took the tests online like Troy.

Herman said the state report card is going to change yet again. State officials have said this year’s state tests should be done by June so teachers and staff have time to evaluate the results to make adjustments for the coming school year.

“To get the information in March, there’s no time. We’ve already made the instructional changes. We can’t do anything with that,” Herman said.

Another round of scores are expected, which would take the opt-out students’ scores of zero out to allow scores to even out from those who took the tests.

The district also had an “A” in the high school graduation rate.

“We are doing what a school needs to be doing, which is graduating kids,” said Herman, who said the district’s four-year graduation rate was 94 percent and five-year was 95 percent.

Troy City Schools board of education also approved two bids for capital improvement projects at Monday’s regular meeting.

The board approved to accept Hemm’s Glass Shop’s window replacement bid for Concord Elementary school for $39,995. The bid was the lowest out of the four submitted to the district. The windows are in the school’s old gymnasium and upper windows facing south near the front entrance.

The board also approved to replace the roof over the art and shop area of Troy High School this summer. The best and lowest bid was submitted by Maxim Roofing Company for $130,000. The Maxim Roofing Company previously performed other areas of the Troy High School’s roof replacement projects.

“We were very pleased with both of these bids,” Troy City School’s Treasurer Jeff Price said.

The district also accepted the settlement agreement with Reiter Dairy for $17,836. The district’s purchasing co-operative was overcharged by vendors and this agreement was part of the audit’s findings, which spanned approximately two years.

Results still filtering in nearly a year after the tests