Kids Read Now returns for fourth year

K-3 students to receive free summer books

TROY — For the fourth consecutive year, Troy City Schools will be partnering with Kids Read Now to provide students from kindergarten to third grade with up to nine new, free books-to-keep during the summer.

The Kids Read Now program, which began in 2010, is a data-driven, result-oriented and proven Summer Reading Program that provides nine free books during the summer to students. The students receive their first three books in May at the Family Reading Night, and after they complete a book and discuss it with a parent, then report it, additional books are mailed to them throughout the summer. The program not only provides summer reading but enables children to begin their personal book collections.

The program has thrived under Superintendent Eric Herman’s support and leadership. The 2016 goal is 100 percent enrollment for every K-3 Troy City Schools student. The Troy Elementary Schools include Kyle, Forest, Concord, Heywood, Hook and Cookson. Program details will be sent home to parents in early April.

Data from Dr. Stock at the University of Dayton Business Research Group of the 2015 Kids Read Now program at Troy City Schools showed: “KRN first graders reading 4 to 6 books gained 14.38 points over the summer versus those who read no books. KRN free/reduced lunch third graders reading 7 to 9 books gained an incredible 44.41 points versus those who read no books. Among free/reduced lunch second graders, second-year KRN students gained an average of 6.98 points versus first-year participants.”

Founded in 2010 by Barbara and Leib Lurie, Kids Read Now was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to eliminate the summer reading slide. Research shows that children, particularly those from low-income families, will lose up to three months of reading achievement over the summer. Children who experience cumulative summer reading loss will enter middle school 2.5 years behind their peers in reading skills. Independent reading research conducted by the University of Dayton Business Research Group demonstrated that for the past three years of the program, most participants had significant and substantial improvement in their reading scores over the summer. Kids Read Now is proven to keep children reading over the summer in ways that prevent learning loss and grow reading skills. To learn more about the Kids Read Now program, visit Kids Read Now on Facebook, call (877) 536-0130 or send an email to

K-3 students to receive free summer books