Commissioners discuss county bridges

MIAMI COUNTY — On Tuesday, the Miami County Commissioners received the 2015 bridge inspection reports from the county’s engineer.

In Miami County there are 18 posted bridges, county engineer Paul Huelskamp said. Bridges that have not been posted can typically handle 80,000 pounds.

Two of these bridges are scheduled for replacement in 2015. The bridge replacement on Rudy Road is already under way and another on Troy-Sidney Road will be replaced later this year.

Many of the bridges are restricted to 6 or 7 tons per axle, including two on Owens Road, another on Casstown-Sidney Road, and several others.

Three bridges are posted at 4 or 5 tons per axle and include the covered bridge, and bridges on Wright and Frederick-Garland Roads.

All of the posted bridges, with the exception of the historic Eldean covered bridge, are due for replacement in the future.

“This could be due to deterioration of the bridge structure,” Huelskamp said of the reasons for posting.

The county bridge levy is up for renewal in November, Huelskamp said. The levy allows the county to make necessary improvements to its bridges.