Rotarians learn of Isaiah’s Place

TROY — Holidays and birthday celebrations are not much fun for children who are in unhappy, or abusive, homes. Helping these children find better lives is one of the reasons for Isaiah’s Place, a private, nonprofit foster care facility in Troy. Located at 1100 Wayne Ave., Troy, this is an agency where at-risk youth can find shelter, support and potential forever homes. Troy Rotarians learned a great deal about the programs offered by the facility when they hosted Nate Green, a trainer for Isaiah’s Place, during their weekly meeting on April 19th.

Established in 2003, Isaiah’s Place provides Christian-based placement services. A staff of 10 people work with foster parents to help area at-risk youth develop self-esteem, gain a healthy life perspective and provide adult guidance. Today, Isaiah’s Place has more than 100 children in foster placement across many southwestern Ohio counties. The agency also hosts special events for the children and offers educational programs, private counseling and training services for the kids and their families. They do fundraising projects to provide special Christmas celebrations for children whose lives have been turned upside down or may be confused about their current circumstances. Isaiah’s Place helps foster parents cope with any behavioral challenges, address questions the children may have and instill positive life experiences to overcome the negativity so many of the children have lived through in their short lives.

Nationally, there are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care. Forty-eight percent are in foster family homes as opposed to group facilities or living with relatives. The median age of children in foster care is 10, and they age out of foster care when they turn 18. Unfortunately, Isaiah’s Place has to turn some foster-eligible children away from placement due to the ongoing need for foster homes. Responsible, loving, caring, persistent, and patient adults, age 21 or older, are always needed to be foster parents. Applicants must be able to manage their finances, have no criminal background, and with sufficient bed and living space can apply to be a foster parent. In addition to their fundraising efforts, Isaiah’s Place relies on funding from many sources including donations, county support and United Way grants. To learn more, visit

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