Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

SIGNS MISSING: Dispatch received a call from Hook School reference the stop signs missing at the intersection of Trade Square East and Surrey Rd. Upon my arrival, I found two stop signs and the street name sign missing. City employee responded and replaced the signs.

April 30

CPO ISSUE: An officer responded in reference to a possible CPO violation. Victim has a CPO against a male currently incarcerated in the Miami County Jail. She claimed to be receiving letters from the male while he has been incarcerated.

TRAFFICKING: An officer located a vehicle that was found in the park with three persons inside the vehicle. Two of the persons were found to be juveniles and a 21-year-old male. The male was arrested for Contributing, Trafficking in Marijuana and Corrupting a Minor with Drugs. The Juveniles were charged with Unruly and Possession of Marijuana.

GUN STOLEN: An officer was dispatched to the area of 510 Ohio Ave. in reference to a Shots Fired complaint. Upon arrival made contact with complainant Joshua Zeigler. It was determined that Joshua had a gun stolen out of his vehicle. A theft report was taken for the incident.

GPS STOLEN: An officer responded to 592 Glendale Dr. and spoke with the reporting party about a theft from his vehicle.

The reporting party advised that sometime overnight, someone entered the listed vehicle and stole some change and a large GPS unit. The victim advised that the vehicle was parked on the street in front of his residence. The reporting party advised that the GPS unit is larger than most and was in a black case. He advised that he would attempt to locate more information on it and contact the officer.

CHILD ENDANGERMENT: An officer observed a 2 year old child running on the sidewalk on W. Main St. at N. Weston Rd. The child was heading towards the intersection of three streets when two vehicles stopped and coaxed the child to them and away from the streets. West Main Street was very busy at this time and was also backing up with traffic in that area. The parents/family was located about eight minutes later. The child was turned over to them and child endangering charges will be filed.

THEFT: An officer responded to 1460 W Main St. in reference to a theft complaint. One female is being charged with theft for stealing a 32 Gig Samsung Galaxy S6, valued at $650.00.

May 1

OPEN CONTAINER: On the listed date time and location the suspect was found to be walking down Main St. with an open bottle of Beer. The suspect was cited for Open Container in Public.

INTOX IN PUBLIC: On the listed date time and location Troy FD and Troy PD were dispatched to male laying in the yard next to a telephone pole. When officers arrived the male was found to be highly intoxicated and was arrested for disorderly conduct. The male was cleared by hospital staff then transported to the MCSO for incarceration.

VEHICLE TOWED: An officer observed a green Ford Probe with a driver rear flat tire parked on the street in front of 406 Michigan Ave. The officer noticed this same flat tire approximately three to four weeks ago. Upon running the plates today the officer found that the plates had expired on 07-24-2014 and also found upon walking around the car that the front passenger tire was flat and surrounded by mud, indicating the vehicle had not been moved in a very long time. There was also a donut tire on the passenger rear.

The officer called for a tow truck and Jims towing responded and completed a tow slip (no hold) and a citation for owner Michael Blankenship. Michael was cited for expired plates and junk vehicle. Jims towed the vehicle to their lot. The citation will be forwarded to MCMC and Blankenship will be summonsed by mail.

JUNK VEHICLE: An officer found a blue Jeep Cherokee parked behind 713 E Canal St off the alleyway. This Jeep had expired plates since June 2015 and a front flat tire.

The officer had towed this same vehicle for the same expired plate on 01-24-2016. This vehicle also had the same flat tire.

The officer made contact with a resident and she stated that the vehicle belongs to her father Jaime Zaragoza. The officer asked where Jaime was and she said he lived in Mexico. Ms. Zaragoza advised that her brother had the title and it was signed over but he had not completed the paperwork by getting a new title. The officer told her that they needed to prove ownership, insurance and have good plates to get the vehicle out of impound. The officer placed a hold on the vehicle and called for a tow in which Jims towing arrived. The officer completed a tow slip and wrote out a citation for junk vehicle. The citation will be sent via mail by MCMC to the Canal Street residence.

JUNK VEHICLE: An officer observed a green Mazda parked in front of 61 S. Cedar Street with expired plates. The plates were expired since 11-03-2015. The tires had mud around them as though it hadn’t moved for a while. The officer spoke to a neighbor who lived right there and she stated the car hasn’t moved in two to three months.

The officer called for a tow truck in which Saunders towing responded. At this time the registered owner came out of 46 S Cedar St., Rosendo Diaz Jr. The officer advised Rosendo why the department was towing the car

and what he had to do to get the car back. Rosendo stated that he couldn’t get a new registration because he didn’t have a license. Rosendo said that he has just gotten a new license and was going to get new plates. The officer saw that Rosendo was issued his O.L. on 03-19-2016. This would have given Rosendo thirty-six (36) business days to get his registration updated at the BMV.

The officer asked Rosendo if he had insurance on the car and he ignored the question. The officer asked again and he said he did. Rosendo refused to show the officer and he completed a tow slip on the vehicle and put a hold on it. The officer explained to Rosendo that he needed to bring proof of ownership, proof of insurance and current registration and the department would release the vehicle.

Rosendo became belligerent and verbally abusive. Rosendo then claimed that this was being done because of an incident recently with other Troy officers.

Rosendo was angry and kept asking how to get his car back. The officer refused to answer Diaz any further as it appeared he was trying to instigate an altercation. The officer issued Rosendo a citation for expired plates and cleared the scene.

heCRIMINAL DAMAGING: An officer was dispatched to 826 Shaftsbury Rd. to speak with Joseph Ording in reference to a criminal damaging complaint. Joseph stated that sometime yesterday or overnight someone broke the outside window pane on his front door. The glass had been shattered and a hole was in the glass. There was a smudge near the hole that looked like someone might have tried to punch or elbow the door as there was nothing around appeared to have been used to break it. Joseph had no suspects in this case.

THEFT: Responded to Kohl’s on a theft in progress with Loss Prevention attempting to apprehend two female suspects. Loss prevention caught one subject, while Ptl. Mosier caught the other. Both subjects were juvenile females, parents were contacted, and appropriate charges filed.


Units were dispatched to Motel 6 on a disturbance and were advised that a female was throwing clothes off the second-floor balcony.After further investigation between the two parties, management told the male subject he had to leave the hotel and was not welcome back. The male subject was very upset by this but eventually got his belongings together and left.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Officers were dispatched to 1187 Experiment Farm Rd. (Frickers) on the report of a passed out highly intoxicated person.

This case was concluded with one summons for disorderly conduct.