FFA Alumni sponsors scholarships

CASSTOWN — The Miami East FFA Alumni Chapter recently recognized graduates of Miami East High School that had been enrolled in Agricultural Education and members of the FFA Chapter. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicants completed an essay on “The Benefits of Agricultural Education” and been active in the FFA chapter for at least one year. Each recipient received a cash scholarship to be used for their further endeavors.

Liza Bair is the daughter of Todd and Wendy Bair. She earned the State FFA Degree and participated in the Job Interview competition.

Liza said, “Although I will not be going to college for an agricultural field, this class has so many things that will follow me to my desired career. Along with developing the characteristics of a good interviewer, this class has taught me how to manage my money wisely and develop the qualities of a good business owner and employee.”

Kylie Blair is the daughter of Sonya Foster and Marty Blair. She won a State FFA Proficiency Award and participated in Food Science and Technology Career Development Event.

Kylie said, “I have learned the value of the agricultural industry in the world. We learn every day the important role that agriculture plays in the United States let alone, the world. If agriculture were to not exist, then the world would go hungry for not only food, but millions of jobs.”

Jessica Copeland is the daughter of Rick and Stephanie Copeland. Jessica was a member of the Horse Judging Team and participated in chapter’s farm safety week.

“You don’t have to be a farmer of any sort to be included in an FFA chapter. You just have to want to learn and make a difference. Agriculture is everywhere and it applies to everyone, even if some do not think so,” Copeland said.

Kaitlyn Hawes is the daughter of Larry and Tonya Hawes. She has participated in Ag Day for elementary children and earned the State FFA Degree.

“I have gone outside of my comfort zone more than I typically would. I have learned more through this program than I ever thought imaginable. I love teaching the children about agriculture because this is something I have a passion for,” Hawes.

Tyler Heckman is the son of Scott and Theresa Heckman. He coordinated raising funds for programs for children with special needs and competed in the parliamentary procedures competition.

Tyler said, “It is fun class to take I hope that other students decide to take this class because it is lot of fun and exciting contest to representing our school very well.”

Maci Krites is the daughter of Eric and Jenell Krites and Brian and Suzie Weber. Maci was a National FFA Proficiency Finalist for her welding business and was a Star State FFA Award Finalist.

Maci said, “If someone had told me in sixth grade that I would win awards in an agriculture related field, I would have called them crazy; however, that is the direction my life took me.”

The Miami East FFA Alumni was able to provide these scholarship recipients with monies because of the donations and support of community members through such projects as the quarter auction in April and the silent auction at the chapter banquet in April. They look forward to supporting all Agricultural Education students in their participation in learning about the diversity of the agriculture industry.