Area briefs

Beautification winners named

TROY — The Troy City Beautification Award winners for August include:

• Merit

121 E. Franklin — Special Effects Salon & Day Spa

1022 McKaig Ave.

18 Vincent Ave. — Mirella Lewis

101 S. Market St. — Rob and Heather Davey

426 S. Plum St. — Meghan and Ben Denlinger

• Green Thumb

1102 Longwood — Bill and Ruth Groff

505 Indiana Ave. — Teresa Smith

25 N. Walnut — Jean Melvin

2675 Shadytree

2640 Stonebridge

650 Westlake Drive

2473 Foxchase Court E. — Mike and Diana Scowden

1533 Henley (Stonycreek side) — Pat Locker

60 Colony Park — Yvonne Becker

325 S. Plum St.

Milkweed pods to be collected

TROY — The milkweed annual pod collecting will get underway soon.

Pods can be dropped off at the Miami County Soil and Water Conservation District, 1330 N. County Road 25-A, Troy.

Those who plan to bring pods are asked to wait until the turn yellowish brown and then start checking the inside of the pods. If the seeds are dark brown, then the pod is ready for harvesting.

The iconic monarch butterfly, which has long been a welcome sight in backyard gardens across Ohio, faces many threats. In Ohio, one way we can ensure future generations of monarch butterflies continue to visit flower gardens throughout our state is by protecting native milkweed plants.

As butterflies, monarchs can feed on the nectar of a number of different flowering plants, but as caterpillars, monarchs are entirely dependent on the availability of milkweed.

Monarch caterpillars hatch from eggs laid on milkweed plants and feed on the leaves of the plant as they grow. If these plants are mowed, removed, or sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, the caterpillars will not survive. Protecting these plants, especially during the egg-laying period from July through September, helps both monarch butterflies and caterpillars continue their life cycle and ultimately results in more monarch butterflies that can complete their journey to Mexico and back.

In the past, milkweed was viewed as a toxic weed. Today, we know that milkweed is a very important group of native plants that helps support many species of wildlife, including monarch butterflies. Learn more about ways you can help ensure these beautiful butterflies are around for generations to come by visiting the Monarch Joint Venture.

For more information, contact Linda at 335-7645.

YMCA offers adult sports leagues

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County YMCA is taking registrations for upcoming adult basketball and corporate basketball leagues.

The men’s fall basketball league takes place at both the Piqua and Robinson branches on Tuesday evenings beginning Oct. 3. Registration goes through Sept. 17.

The corporate basketball league takes place on Sunday afternoons at the Piqua branch. Corporations for basketball can enter a full team, or may combine with another corporation. This league begins on Nov. 12 with registrations through Oct. 29.

For more information or to register, contact Jaime Hull at 440-9622 or