Trustees support bridge levy

To the Editor:

The Staunton Township Board of Trustees would like to encourage our township residents to renew the Miami County Bridge Levy when they go to the polls on November 3rd. The bridge levy has been in place since 1951 and allows for the repair, replacement and maintenance of thousands of bridges and culverts in Miami County as well as providing general funds for road repairs and reconstruction. Miami County has done an excellent job utilizing many other available resources to make the most of this levy, including state and federal grants. As an example, our historic and beautiful Eldean Bridge is cared for through historic preservation grants, which allows for levy funds to go towards other road and bridge repairs.

The renewal is at a rate of .45 mils, which means it will cost homeowners $0.045 for each 100 dollars of valuation of their property. Because it is a renewal, a resident’s tax burden will not change from what they are currently paying for this levy. In other words, this will NOT cause an increase in your taxes. The current levy will expire at the end of 2016. Without the funds from this critical levy, many aging structures will not be repaired. Miami County needs this renewal in order to keep these structures safe for our residents. Please vote “YES” for the levy.

— Jeff Cron, Bill Gearhart, Levi Long and Sarah Fine

Staunton Township Trustees