Troy Police reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

May 14

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to 555 Staunton Commons Apt 20 on a theft complaint. The reporting party advised her credit card had been taken and used at a gas station. A suspect was found and charges of theft were filed.

May 15

BURN RUBBER: An officer was sitting at the traffic light of West Market Street at the I-75 north exit ramp. The officer saw an older style black Mustang turn west onto West Market Street from the exit ramp. The Mustang peeled out and the vehicle began to go sideways. The officer then turned on its lights and initiated a traffic stop at West Market Street and Barnhart Road.

The officer made contact with the driver, Gregory Hogge, and explained the reason for stopping him. Hogge stated that he did start to slide a little bit. Hogge was issued a citation and given a court date.

VEHICLE BREAK-IN: An officer spoke with a resident located in the 1100 block of Stephenson Drive, Troy, about a theft from his vehicle.

He advised that sometime overnight someone entered the listed vehicle and stole an Ohio State backpack and a Magellan GPS unit. He advised that the backpack had a green folder in it with his daughter’s school transcripts. The vehicle was parked in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

May 16

VEHICLE BREAK-INS: An officer was dispatched to 1463 Skylark Dr. in reference to a theft from a vehicle complaint. An officer was dispatched to 83 Troy Towne Dr. on a theft from a motor vehicle.

An officer was dispatched to 205 1/2 N. Elm Street in reference to a theft. The reporting party discovered that his briefcase with his school books and tools for school were missing from his Black 2001 Ford F-150.

May 17

VEHICLE BREAK-INS: An officer was dispatched to 106 W. Canal Street for a theft complaint. The reporting party said his vehicle was broken into overnight. Another officer responded on the report of a theft from a vehicle that occurred over the weekend. $150 in cash was missing from the vehicle.

SKATERS TRESPASSED: Officers were dispatched to Jumpy’s in reference to subjects skateboarding on the property, and refusing to leave. Suspects located and charged with Criminal Trespassing.

May 18

DRUG OFFENSE: An officer was dispatched to 1400 W. Market St. on the report of marijuana in a vehicle. The officer responded to the area, located the vehicle and owner. This case resulted in a drug possessions and drug paraphernalia charges.

WARRANT: While on patrol, an officer saw Justin Quillen walking on Market Street. The officer found he had an active warrant out of our county for non-support.

The officer stopped Quillen on Race at S. Cherry Street. The officer advised Quillen of an active warrant. The officer asked Quillen if he had anything on him. Quillen stated he had a “rig” in his right pants pocketThe officer placed protective gloves on and retrieved the syringe. The officer placed the syringe in a sharps container. After the officer finished searching Quillen, he placed Quillen’s pocket knife, change, lighter, and wallet in a paper envelope that was subsequently turned over to CO Francis at the IF. Quillen was booked in on his warrant and possession of drug abuse instruments.

JUNK VEHICLE ISSUE: The police station received a parking complaint on Sherman of a “maroon car that had not been moved in a year, had expired plates, and the owner was out of town.”

An officer responded to Sherman and found the vehicle parked across the street at 722 Sherman Avenue. The plates expired on 01-24-2016 and came back to Michael Binion.

The officer called for a tow truck and Jim’s towing arrived. As the officer completed the tow slip, Annie Frazier came pulling up very fast and illegally parked behind the tow truck and in front of the police officer.

Annie was irate about her son’s car being towed stating that he was even in town. The officer attempted to tell Annie that the police station had received a complaint about the car not being moved and expired plates. Annie called the officer a liar and stated that the officer was just harassing them. Annie cussed at the officer and was causing a scene. Annie stated that she was going to call Capt. Jeff Kunkleman to see what he thought about this. The officer warned Annie to properly park her car or the officer would write her a citation or tow her car as well because she was approximately 3 to 4 feet from the curb and partially in the lane of travel.

Jims towed the vehicle to their impound and the officer placed a hold on the vehicle for proof of ownership, proper registration, and proof of insurance.

Annie corrected her parking and the officer left the scene. A citation for expired plates, and junk/abandoned vehicle was submitted. The citation was written for Michael Binion and forwarded to the court to be summonsed by mail.

THEFT: Report of GPS unit stolen at the listed address from unsecured vehicle sometime between 5/3/16 and 5/13/16. The GPS unit was recovered from a residence on 5/16/16. Charges will be filed.

May 19

ASSIST SQUAD: Officers were dispatched to an assist squad. Dispatch advised the male was bleeding because he had been hit with an object. It was determined that both male and female had struck the other and were arrested for Domestic Violence and taken to jail after being treated at the hospital.