Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

July 25

MISSING PERSON FOUND: Mr. Robert Schlein Jr. responded to Tipp City Police Department at approximately 4 p.m. to report his elderly father Robert Schlein Sr. missing.

Mr. Schlein left his home on Detrick Drive operating a grey 2008 Jeep Cherokee. Mr. Schlein wears a GPS tracker due to suffering from dementia. Schlein Jr. tracked his father earlier today and last observed him northbound on State Route 48 near Ludlow Falls. Mr. Schlein called Jr. and informed him he had broke down at an unknown location. He refused to call 911 using his tracker phone. His GPS tracking device was not working properly. He was unable to walk to a nearby farm house due to his age. He could not provide a road name or description of the area other that describing large grain silos. He told Jr. that he was in the Nashville area between West Milton and Tipp City. Tipp City Officers and Miami County deputies searched for Mr. Schlein without success. Officers entered him as a missing endangered adult using the Silver/Senior Alert system at the Attorney General’s office.

Approximately 8 p.m., Schlein Jr. contacted 911 dispatch and informed them his father’s GPS was working again. The GPS was placing his father in the 2500 block of Hedgerton Rd., Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. Satellite mapping confirmed he was near a large complex with silos and a nearby farm house. Allen County Sheriff’s department dispatched a deputy. Mr. Schlein Sr. was found safely seated in his vehicle waiting for assistance. Schlein Jr. made contact with dispatch for pick up arrangements.

July 26

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: The reporting party called and advised she let an Angela Crain borrow the listed vehicle. She stated she allowed her to drive it for 30 days and then she was to return the vehicle or purchase it for the remaining balance that was owed on it which is about $2,500. She also advised the vehicle was to be returned about a week ago and it has not been returned. She also stated that she has attempted to contact Angela but she has since changed her phone number. The reporting party advised she wanted to pursue charges against Angela for not returning her vehicle. The deputy spoke with her by phone due to her being at work at the time. It has been a week since the vehicle was to be returned. The vehicle was entered into LEADS and Angela will be charges with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

July 27

ABANDONED JEEP: A deputy was dispatched to the Cherry Street lot on a parking complaint. Backed into the spot was a blue Jeep Wrangler with no license plates on it. Running the VIN through LEADS revealed the Jeep has not been registered in Ohio since 2009. The deputy then had dispatch run a query and found the vehicle was titled to Gary Davis in Delaware County in 2013. It does not appear that Gary ever registered the Jeep. Delaware County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and they do not have any current info on Gary. The deputy checked with our bailiff’s office to make sure they were not expecting any vehicles to be turned over to them and they do not. How the Jeep get here and who drove it here is currently unknown. Jim’s Towing was contacted to remove the Jeep and there is a hold on it until a proper owner can be determined.

OVI:A deputy made a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a moving violation on West Main Street, Troy. The deputy made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Kurt M Richhart. After further investigation Mr. Richhart was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

July 29

THEFT: A deputy was asked to call a resident in the 7000 block of Rangeline Road, West Milton in reference to her husband’s vehicle being broken into. The reporting party stated this would have occurred overnight and she indicated her husband took it to work already. The reporting party said she would provide the sheriff’s office a list of items taken as soon as she can.

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 9300 block of Frederick Garland Rd. on a theft out of a vehicle.

THEFT: A resident in the 7500 block of Rangeline Road, West Milton, reported that an unknown person stole several items from his unattached garage. The resident was able to provide serial numbers for the snow blower and garden tiller. These items will be entered into the system as stolen.

OVI: A deputy responded to the 10544 N. State Route 66, Piqua, on a report of a hit skip accident. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to the victim who stated that she was traveling southbound into Piqua and was struck by an oncoming vehicle and went into the ditch, and the other vehicle kept going turning onto Patterson Rd. While speaking to the victim a passerby said that the other vehicle that was involved was sitting on Patterson Rd. just off State Route 66. After investigation the driver on Patterson Rd. was arrested for OVI.

July 30

FIELD DAMAGE: On the listed date a deputy spoke with a resident at his bean field located at the intersection of Mote Rd. and Baker Rd. in Union Township. He showed the officer numerous tire tracks running in and out of his beans. The officer advised several alleged suspects that if it was them or if they know who did it, to knock it off or charges would be filed.

FRAUD: A citizen came to the Sheriff’s Office about an unknown person using his identity.The resident stated that someone had stolen his identity and used his information to open a Citi Credit Card and charge more than $2,000 to the account. The resident had already contacted Citi Bank and they requested a police report be filed for their investigation.

CHURCH DAMAGE: A deputy responded to the Snyder Church of God for a breaking and entering complaint. The suspect(s) made entry into the church through a window and stole a computer and used multiple fire extinguishers to spray almost every room in the church. Evidence was processed at the scene collected and booked in the the property room. An arrest was made later in this case.

FRAUD: A deputy spoke to a Bethel Township resident who stated that she had found out that someone had fraudulently manufactured checks using her name at the Wright Pat Credit Union. The resident needed a report for the Credit Union’s investigator.

July 31

OVI:A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation on E. Main Street, Troy. The deputy made contact with the driver and identified him as the defendant Christopher D Clements. After further investigation Mr. Clements was taken into custody for OVI and was later charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.