Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Oct. 16

DUMP TRUCK FIRE: A worker was driving a dump truck north on Peters Rd when it caught fire. The worker pulled off the road near the 4800 block of Peters Road and waited for help. By the time Sgt. Adkins of Tipp City Police arrived, the fire was beyond being put out by a regular extinguisher. The Tipp City Fire Department responded and put out the fire. The vehicle was towed at the owner’s request by Busy Bee towing.

HARASSMENT: A deputy responded to the Memorial Cemetery in Covington, in reference a telephone harassment complaint.

CELL PHONE FRAUD: A deputy was dispatched to the 10000 block of State Route 185, Covington, on a fraud complaint. The deputy made contact with the reporting party who stated that she recently received a cell phone bill from AT&T for $69.39. She stated that she does not own a cell phone through AT&T. She stated that she has already made contact with AT&T to inform them of the fraudulent charge. AT&T informed her that they will take care of the charge and cancel the account. They also told her there has been three accounts opened in her name, all of them opened in Florida. The other accounts were also cancelled and the charges taken care of by AT&T. The reporting party stated she has already contacted her homeowners insurance who she has identity theft insurance through. They told her they would look into it and needed to file a police report.

NO LICENSE: A deputy was patrolling in the area of Washington Township and ran the listed vehicle plates. The deputy observed the registered owner not having a valid driver license. The deputy was able to match a photo of the register owner with the operator of the vehicle through the data system. The deputy initiated a traffic stop on the listed vehicle at 6025 Piqua-Troy Road, Piqua. The operator was identified as Christopher Atkins. Christopher was able to provide an identification card. Christopher stated he was planning on getting his license tomorrow. Christopher is the registered owner and operator of the vehicle.

Christopher was issued a citation for operating a vehicle without a operators license. Christopher was had a valid driver with him who was able to drive the vehicle.

PARAPHERNALIA: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle at Farrington Road, Piqua, for an equipment violation and identified the driver as, Austin Rupe and passenger as, Terry Allen. Mr. Rupe when asked for his license advised they were suspended. After speaking to him he advised there was a one hit pipe in the console. That pipe was located along with a very small marijuana cigarette. Another glass one hit pipe was located in the back passenger floorboard. Mr. Rupe was issued a citation for driving under suspension and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was then released to a valid licensed driver.

MISSING DOG: A deputy responded to the 7000 block of Meadow Drive, Tipp City, for a possible theft of a dog.

The owner advised his wife let the dog out to go to the bathroom in the front yard. His wife went to let the dog back in and it was missing. The owner advised he posted pictures on Facebook asking people to help find his dog. A Facebook user messaged him stating that a friend of a friend has the dog. The person is currently trying to help the owner locate the dog. The deputy was not able to find the person on Facebook who has the dog. The owner is currently working with Vandalia PD to locate the dog.

FRAUD: A deputy was contacted by a resident of Main Street in Pleasant Hill who stated that she believed that she was a victim of fraud. The victim stated that she was having problems with her computer and contacted Microsoft. She stated that she sent them $100 and they fixed her computer. She said that her computer failed again and she contacted them again. She said that they had her send $400 using Western Union and send the money to an address in India. The victim stated that she sent the money but her computer never was fixed.

The deputy advised her that it was believed that she was a victim of fraud and that the sheriff’s office would not be able to track someone in India. The deputy advised the victim of options to protect her identity. She stated that she understood and would contact her bank.

Oct. 17

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation at Eldean Road and County Road 25-A, Troy and made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Kevin R Baker. After further investigation Mr. Baker was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

STOLEN SAFE: A deputy was dispatched to the 9000 block of Spiker Road, Piqua, in reference to a burglary complaint where a safe was stolen.

Oct. 18

OVI:A deputy made a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a traffic violation at Covington Gettysburg Road, Covington. After further investigation the driver Janice Billing was arrested for OVI.

OVI: A deputy was traveling eastbound on US Rt. 36, Covington, when the deputy saw a dark green car off the roadway in the field on the south side of the road. The car had very heavy damage from hitting a telephone pole. After investigation the registered owner Shelby Ross was arrested for OVI, Failure to Control, Escape, and Open Container.

Oct. 19

VEHICLE ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to Vine Street, Ludlow Falls, on a driving without consent complaint. Upon arrival, the deputy was met by, Sherry Dye who stated that her vehicle has not been returned. Sherry stated that she let her sons ex-girlfriend, Alika Thomas borrow her vehicle from October 8 through October 10, 2015. Alika has failed to return the vehicle.

DAMAGE REPORTED:A deputy was dispatched to the 6700 block of Jay Road, West Milton, on a criminal damage complaint. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with Trevor Musser, who stated that sometime between the hours of 10 p.m. on October 18 and 6:30 a.m. on October 19, someone had spray painted his vehicle.

Oct. 20

FORGERY: A deputy met with the complainant, a Casstown resident, at the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to report a theft and forgery of her personal checks. She provided copies of the cashed checks. Per Lt. Wheeler, this case will be reassigned.

HORSE DISPUTE: A deputy responded to the 8600 block of Casstown Clark Road in Elizabeth Township on a civil dispute. Brenda Coverstone reported that Kirk Kennedy would not give her horses back. At the conclusion of the investigation Brenda paid the boarding fee and the horses were returned.

BURGLARY: A deputy was dispatched to 5000 block of State Route 36 in Washington Twp. in reference a burglary complaint. Photos were taken of the scene and latent prints were lifted. The prints lifted were booked into the Miami County Sheriff’s Office property room, to be sent to the Miami Valley crime lab for analysis.

SUNGLASSES GONE: Officers responded to the 2000 block of State Route 571, Monroe Township, in reference to a theft complaint. Jose Villalobos, the complainant, stated someone had entered his apartment through a window and stolen a pair of sunglasses. Possible suspect information was given.

WALL DAMAGED: A resident in the 8000 block of Mill Road, Troy, advised that there was damaged to his rock wall along his driveway. This occurred sometime today but he is not sure how it was done.

Oct. 21

THREAT: On this date, an employee from Job and Family Services called to report a threat made over the telephone to the agency.

SCHOOL FIGHTS: A Milton-Union High School official informed the sheriff’s office school resource officer that students are possibly fighting after school. The official stated the fights are not happening at school, however wanted police to be aware of it.

MANURE COMPLAINT: A deputy took a phone call in reference to an environmental complaint.

The deputy made contact with Dirk Adams who stated that his neighbor, Robert Blackburn, is spreading chicken manure all over the fields. He stated that it has affected his children and neighboring children’s breathing. Dirk also advised that it was getting all over his vehicles and his house. Dirk has already been in contact with the appropriate authorities and just asked that it be documented.

GPS STOLEN: A resident in the 9400 block of Looney Road, Piqua, reported that someone had stolen his GPS out of his work truck over the weekend.

CELL PHONE FRAUD: A Washington Township resident reported that he discovered an unknown person made fraudulent charges on his AT&T Mobile account. AT&T advised him that they needed a local police report in order to remove the charges. The changes were reported to have been made at an Apple Store somewhere in Pennsylvania.