Troy man allegedly robs Domino’s driver

Pearson allegedly brandished gun, stealing $20 and a large pie

By Melanie Yingst -

Danny L. Pearson

Danny L. Pearson

TROY — A Troy man is being held on charges that he allegedly robbed a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver of $20 and a pizza.

Danny Pearson, 47, of Troy, was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly robbing a Domino’s driver of $20 and a large jalapeno, sausage, and ham pizza late Wednesday night in the 700 block of Franklin Street.

Pearson was arraigned on first degree felony aggravated robbery along with two misdemeanor drug possession charges in Miami County Municipal Court on Friday.

According to reports, the victim was not hurt in the incident. Pearson allegedly met the driver outside of the address on Franklin Street. Pearson allegedly told the driver that he did not want to hurt him and asked him how much money he had. The driver gave Pearson the cash he kept on him for change. Pearson also requested the driver give him one of the pizzas before the driver left the scene.

Troy Police Department investigated the incident and found the phone number that was used to place the original order belonged to Pearson. Pearson was later found at 722 Sherman Ave. The woman at the residence allowed police to search the house where Pearson was detained for questioning.

The victim stated Pearson allegedly indicated he had a gun in his waistband at the time of the incident. Police recovered a .38 High Point gun and clothing that matched the victim’s description in Pearson’s possession. The victim said a chrome handgun was visible in the suspect’s waist line during the incident. During questioning, Pearson said he had a stick in his waistband to make it look as though he had a gun, according to the report.

Police also found several pieces of the stolen Domino’s pizza in the refrigerator, which matched toppings of the pie the driver gave to the suspect.

A search warrant was obtained and detectives also found the pizza box in the trash with Pearson’s phone number and the Franklin Street address on the delivery sticker. A marijuana pipe, cocaine pipe and two cell phones were also located.

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office’s K-9 unit also assisted in the investigation.

Pearson remains in Miami County Jail on a $25,000 bond. Pearson’s preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 29 with Judge Gary Nasal presiding.

Danny L. Pearson L. Pearson
Pearson allegedly brandished gun, stealing $20 and a large pie

By Melanie Yingst