Police reports

June 12

BREAKING AND ENTERING: A deputy responded to the 2700 block of Ross Road, Tipp City, on a breaking and entering complaint to a shed. The deputy spoke with the complainant, who was the victim and he stated sometime between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. on today’s date someone had broke into his shed.

WARRANTS: A deputy stopped a tan vehicle at Brokaw Road, Piqua for expired registration and wrong tags. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and identified the driver as, Kayla Calvert. The deputy also ran Mrs. Calvert through LEADS and found her Ohio drivers license to be suspended. The deputy asked her to exit the vehicle and asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Calvert advised there was a crack pipe in her bag. The pipe was later located in the bag where she had advised it was.

The vehicle was towed and plates removed at the request of the BMV. Calvert advised she had left her kids at home with, Gary Sullivan. She stated she really needed to get back to them and now had no car. The deputy offered to give her a ride home and issued her a summons. At the residence, the deputy spoke with Gary Sullivan and Amber Cotterman. The deputy found that Mrs. Cotterman had two misdemeanor warrants out of our county. They were confirmed and she was placed in custody. Mrs. Cotterman was transported to our jail and incarcerated.

June 13

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation at South Street, Piqua. After further investigation Christian T Nation was charged with possession of marijuana.

WARRANTS: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for an equipment violation. The driver Melissa Welbaum was found to not have a driver’s license and the back sear passenger Antonio Penson was found to have two active warrants out of Montgomery County.

Melissa Welbaum was issued a citation for one headlight and no operators license and was released. Antonio Penson was incarcerated in the Miami County jail.

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a equipment violation at W. Main Street, Troy and made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Ambra K. Vanderpool. After further investigation Ambra was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

OPEN CONTAINER: A deputy walked down to the falls in Ludlow Falls. The sheriff’s office has had several complaints in the last several weeks of individuals swimming and drinking in the area. The deputy observed a large amount of individuals in the area with swim suits. The deputy advised all of them to disperse or they would be charged with trespassing. As the individuals were leaving, the deputy observed what appeared to be a beer can in the hands of a male individual, identified as Lachin M. Akhmedov. Upon closer inspection it was a pop can. Ss he opened his cooler, the deputy observed several empty bottles of Corona. The deputy asked Lachin if he had drank the beers while at the falls. He stated he had. He was cited for open container in public and trespassed from the property.

June 14

OVI AND OPEN CONTAINER: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation on High Street, Bradford. The deputy made contact with the driver who was identified as Daniel Cassel and the passenger Nicholas Rank.

After further investigation Cassel was placed under arrest for OVI and Rank was charged with underage consumption.

WARRANTS: Pursuant to a traffic stop for improper left turn on the West Main Street overpass, Troy, the driver was identified as Christopher Griffieth. Griffieth was found to be driving under a failure to reinstate suspension. He was also found to have an active warrant. Griffieth was incarcerated on the warrant and cited for his traffic offenses.

OPEN CONTAINER: A deputy made a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a marked lane violation at Piqua-Lockington Road. The deputy identified the driver as, Russell Brelsford and passenger as, James Vore. While speaking to them the deputy observed in plain view an open bottle of Budweiser in the center console. The deputy asked who the beer belonged to. Vore advised that the beer was his but it was OK because he wasn’t driving. The deputy explained to Vore no occupant in a motor vehicle may have an open container of an alcoholic beverage. Vore was issued a citation for open container and released. Mr. Brelsford was given a field sobriety test and found to be sober. He was given a warning for his moving violation.

June 15

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation in the 1500 block of Peterson Road, Piqua. The deputy made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Michael T. Smith. After further investigation Mr. Smith was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

DOG INCIDENT: A deputy responded out to 629 Stonehenge, Tipp City, after Melissa Puthoff called into the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to report a dog had jumped on her back while running yesterday on Kessler Road near Kessler-Fredrick Road. Mrs. Puthoff stated the dog appeared to be a brown Great Dane and had caused several scratches to her back when it jumped on her. Mrs. Puthoff did not want to press any charges, but did want the dog to be identified to determine if it was registered or not. The deputy responded out to the 3800 block of Kessler Road, but was unable to locate a brown Great Dane. Residents in the area did not have any knowledge of a great Dane living in the area. The deputy contacted animal control who documented the incident as well.

ASSAULT: A deputy responded to the Stocker-Fraley Funeral Home, Bradford, on a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to the victim who stated that she had been assaulted by her uncle while trying to plan the funeral of her grandmother. She stated that the argument started over the grandmother’s property. The suspect left the scene before he was able to be questioned. Charges will be filed against the suspect and an alert was sent out for his vehicle.

June 16

THEFT: The reporting party stated his weed eater was stolen off his trailer while he was mowing grass at a customer’s house on Coach Drive, Tipp City . The reporting party said he had already talked to neighbors and citizens walking in the area. The reporting party stated he would call with the serial number.

POSSESSION: A deputy stopped the involved vehicle for no front license plate at Ross Road, Tipp City. The front seat passenger, Phillip Conely was issued a citation for possession of marijuana.