Woman charged again for child endangerment

MIAMI COUNTY — Troy Police Department filed a second child endangering charge within two months versus Ashlee Lawrence, 26, of Troy, after her 2 year-old child was found naked and unattended again, this time near Dunaways on June 18.

Lawrence was charged with child endangering on April 10 for the same child who was found naked in a parking lot of Donatos by the restaurant’s manager near West Main Street.

Troy Police Department were called by a woman who was walking down Oxford Street when she saw the naked female child running towards Main Street. The woman said she witnessed the child being alone for at least five minutes before she was able to pick the child up from the sidewalk outside of Dunaways. The woman said she tried not to scare the child into oncoming traffic. Then a neighbor picked the child up from the reporting party and took her back to Lawrence’s residence before police arrived.

When police spoke to Lawrence, who initially hid from police, they stated they could hear her screaming at the child as they approached the door. Lawrence claimed her 2 year-old daughter was trying to get her arrested, although officers stated her children didn’t run away when they were in temporary custody. Lawrence said she just had her children returned to her custody two weeks ago from her mother.

Lawrence begged police to not charge her since she had a pre-trial conference the same day on child endangering charges from the April 10 incident, claiming her daughter wasn’t missing for very long.

Troy Police Department stated that since it was the third time she has been reported for a child endangering incident “there was obviously an issue” and she was charged with one count of child endangering.

She was first charged with child endangerment on June 23, 2014 when the same child was found unattended by neighbors. During that incident, when Lawrence was speaking to officers, she left the child in a bathtub unattended as she gave her statement. The charge was reduced to attempted child endangerment.

Lawrence will be arraigned on charges on July 7 in Miami County Municipal Court.