Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

July 2

TAX FRAUD: A resident of Covington told deputies she received a letter in the mail back in March of this year from the IRS. She said this letter stated that she owed the IRS $9,978 from a tax return back in 2012 filed by Instant Tax Credit in Troy, Ohio. The resident said she did not know she can report this as a fraud until last night when she read it in the newspaper.

The resident told the deputy the letter also said that Instant Tax Credit in Troy, Ohio was a fraudulent tax return service. The resident then said the IRS is turning this matter over to their fraudulent department, and she needed a report be filed on this incident. The deputy informed the resident how she can obtain a copy of this report for the IRS and for her records. This matter is closed.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO FIELDS: A deputy responded to the 4000 block of Orbison Road, Troy for a criminal damage complaint and observed damage done to the bean field. It appears the vehicle was doing donuts in the field. While the vehicle was exiting the property at a high rate of speed the operator lost control and struck a buckeye tree. The reporting party also said he could hear the vehicle drive off road on Peterson Road. The deputy observed damage done to the property east of 390 Peterson Road. The officer observed damage being done to corn and beans in this field.

July 3

RECKLESS OPERATION: A resident in the 8600 block of Casstown-Clark Road, Casstown called 911 in reference a white male wearing a yellow shirt and jeans entering her home and yelling, “Hello!” She advised she was napping on the couch, heard the male call out causing her to wake, and she answered back. The male became startled and ran out the door. She observed the male enter a red Chevy truck, backed to her garage, and speed away down the driveway and exit onto the roadway.

The reporting party’s husband was upstairs when this occurred. He ran downstairs and also observed the truck. He advised it was a red Chevy 2500 or 3500 extended cab truck. It did not have a bed cover. It received damage to the driver’s side tail light as it took the curve east of their residence while driving toward Champaign County. The truck ran off the left side of the roadway and struck a utility pole guide wire.

A reckless operation involving a red truck was called into dispatch shortly after deputies arrived to the area and began searching for the red truck involved in this report. The reckless operation was northbound on State Route 589 from Casstown. The red truck was supposedly traveling at a high rate of speed and attempted to run the complainant off the roadway. The complainant of the reckless operation obtained a license plate on the truck.

Investigation pending.

July 4

SLASHED TIRES: On today’s date, a resident in the 1800 block of Laurel Creek, Troy, reported that someone had slashed one of his truck’s tires overnight.

NO BEER IN THE PARK: A deputy was walking the bike path from Dye Mill Rd. to St. Rt. 202, Troy and observed a male subject standing on the foundation bridge looking at the river. The deputy noticed the male drinking. As the deputy got closer to the male he placed the drink down on the bridge and put his shirt over it. The deputy first started talking to the male and could smell an odor of alcohol coming from him. The deputy noticed a plastic bag tucked in the corner of the bridge with empty cans in them. The deputy identified the male as Richard Johnson and asked if the plastic bag and empty cans belonged to him he said they did. In the bag was two empty 24oz Budlight cans and a 24oz Busch can. The deputy asked him if there was a open can under his shirt and he said yes. The deputy took all the cans and walked Richard to the cruiser. The deputy explained the open container law to Richard and advised him the park district has a zero tolerance for alcohol. Richard was cited for 4301.62 open container and explained his court date. Richard was cooperative the whole time and was released.

WRONGFUL ENTRUSTMENT: Deputies observed a white Chevrolet Cavalier traveling westbound on Echo Lake Drive, Piqua, Washington Township.

Due to prior interactions Deputy Edmondson knew the registered owner, Amanda Auxier, to have a suspended operator’s license. Deputies then observed the vehicle turn northbound on Forrest Lane, then quickly turned east onto Elm Street, where the driver turned into an alley. The excessive, unnecessary maneuvering and rushed manner in which the driver was doing so appeared to be an effort to evade being stopped. Deputies continued east on Elm Street, then turned northbound on Washington Ave. As deputies approached Maple Street, they observed the vehicle turning out of the alley, eastbound on Maple Street. At this time, the deputy saw the driver of the vehicle was Jack Heveran, also known to Deputy Edmondson to be suspended. The deputy then activated overhead lights and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Maple Street.

Upon speaking with the driver, Jack stated Amanda knew he did not have a valid operator’s license. Jack was cited with DUS and Amanda was cited with Wrongful Entrustment.

The vehicle was secured and towed by Knight’s Towing to their impound lot.

July 5

TOO CLOSE: While sitting stationary at the 76 mile marker of Interstate 75, a deputy was observing south bound traffic and observed a white U-Haul truck following a black Chevrolet Tahoe too close. The deputy followed the vehicle’s south bound and observed that there was very limited distance between the box truck and the black Tahoe. The deputy initiated a traffic stop on the box truck at the 73 mile marker of Interstate 75.

Upon making contact with the driver, the deputy discovered that the driver, Rodney James did not have a valid driver’s license. Rodney was currently under several suspensions and license forfeitures.

Rodney was cited for no operators license and following too close. Rodney and the vehicle he was driving was released to a licensed driver.

RECEIVING STOLEN TRAILERS: A deputy responded to 7600 block of Mote Road, West Milton on the report of a disturbance. They advised that Norman Forsee was on the property and lived in a camper by the barn. They stated he was arguing with people at the residence. The reporting party advised there was two car trailers on the property they thought was stolen.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to, Corey Boggs and Tawnie Gerken. Corey advised that Norman Forsee and his mother Tawnie Gerken had been arguing over keys. He stated that Norman had two trailers brought to the property today. He advised they were brought there by Joseph Bishop. Corey stated he saw them removing stickers with a razor blade and heat gun.

The deputy responded to the rear of the property to speak with Norman Forsee. The deputy observed two black tandem axle car trailers. On one by Norman’s camper. The deputy found several stickers peeled off the trailer and the plates removed. The deputy also found a razor blade laying on the deck of the trailer.

The deputy did observe one sticker left on the trailer and found a VIN on the side of it. The deputy ran the numbers in the system which confirmed they were stolen over the weekend.

Both trailers were towed to our impound lot by Saunders Towing. Mr. Forsee was placed in custody for fifth degree felony receiving stolen property. He was then transported to the Miami County jail and incarcerated.

July 7

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On the listed date and time, I was flagged down by Kelly Naff at 222 W Monument St. She stated that she had just returned home and found the front storm door window to be broken out.

I looked at the area and did not find any objects that were thrown at the window in the area of the door The window was shattered and pieces were laying on the ground.