Troy Police Department reports

The following reports were filed by the Troy police Department:

Dec. 11

FORGERY: An officer charged Julian Tucker, 26, of Indianapolis, Ind., with fifth-degree felony forgery during an investigation at Minster Bank.

Dec. 12

THEFT: An officer filed misdemeanor theft charges against Lindsey Jones, 25, of Piqua, from an incident on Dec. 8.

THEFT: An officer filed fifth-degree felony and misdemeanor theft charges against Crystal Danes, 38, of West Milton, from an incident at Walmart on Dec. 8

ACCIDENT: A vehicle struck a fire hydrant in the 1000 block of Haverhill Drive.

OVI: Samuel Mitchell, 35, of Troy, was cited for fourth-degree felony carrying a concealed weapon, OVI and one headlight, possession of drugs, fifth-degree felony improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle during a traffic stop at West Main Street and Cherry Street.

Dec. 13

SCHOOL ISSUE: Three Troy Junior High School students were found to be consuming alcohol on the grounds of Troy High School.

OVERDOSE: Officers responded to the Royal Inn for an apparent overdose. Alice Johnson, 24, of Troy, was transported to UVMC and charged with inducing panic.

UNDERAGE: Officers charged Austin Crowe, 19, of Troy, with offenses involving underage persons, theft from an incident in the 600 Carriage Drive from a Dec. 1 incident.

DRUG POSSESSION: An officer cited William Kalisz, 35, of Troy, with drug paraphernalia in the area of Main Street and Madison.

DRUG POSSESSION: Lea Dillon, 19, of Troy, was charged with misdemeanor possession of drugs in the area of Race and Market streets.

RESISTING ARREST: Cedric Lewis, 39, of Troy, was cited for resisting arrest in the area of 1330 Archer Drive.

Dec. 14

OVI: William Hinegardener, 23, of Troy, was cited for OVI, OVI marijuana test, marked lanes from a traffic stop on Dye Mill Road.

DISORDERLY: An officer filed charges against Jason Veavelle, 18, of Troy, for disorderly conduct from a Dec. 3 incident at Troy High School.

DRUG POSSESSION: An officer filed charges against Kristin Sanders, 55, of Huber Heights, with fifth-degree felony possession of drugs from a traffic stop on West Market Street and Interstate 75 southbound on Nov. 14.

THEFT: An officer filed theft charges against Heidi Walker, 33, of Piqua, from an incident at Kohl’s.

Dec. 15

TRESPASSING: Troy Police Department officers responded on the report of a suspicious male. The male was identified as Christopher Ballweg, 58, of Troy, and trespassed from First Financial Bank property, at the request of the manager. Ballweg was also trespassed from Union Savings Bank that same day.

BURGLARY: Officers charged Treshon Whitson, 22, of Troy, was charged first-degree felony aggravated burglary, domestic violence, criminal damage and several warrants. Officers were dispatched to the 1200 block of Long Street after a neighbor called to report hearing glass break and a female screaming. Whitson remains in the Miami County Jail on $15,500 bond for all charges.

Dec. 16

OVERDOSE: Officers responded to the 400 block of Stonyridge Avenue on the report of an overdose. William Curtis, 34, of Troy, was transported to UVMC for treatment. He was charged with inducing panic.

THEFT: An officer responded to Sunoco to a vehicle theft. The reporting party stated they left the vehicle running to go into the store, when they returned their vehicle was missing.

Dec. 17

GUN FOUND: Enterprises reported a pistol was located under the driver‘s seat of a vehicle that was returned. The owner was located and pistol was returned.

THEFT: A 12-foot Griffin dump trailer was reported stolen. No address provided.

GATOR GONE: Officers responded to the 1600 block of Troy-Sidney Road to Duke Park on reports of criminal damage. The reporting party state there was damage to a vehicle and two buildings. The suspects entered the structures, drove a city-owned truck through a fence. The suspects left the truck, but stole a 1999 John Deere 4×2 Gator. Case pending.

THEFT: An officer filed misdemeanor theft charges against Aaron Baker, 29, of Lima from an incident at Walmart on Nov. 28.

Dec. 18

TRESPASSING: An officer filed charges on Corey Steele, 29, of Troy, and Taylor Steele 27, of Troy, for criminal trespassing in the 700 block of Sherman Avenue from an incident on Nov. 28.

SEARCH WARRANT: Troy Police Department detectives issued a warrant in the 1300 block of Imperial Court. Alex Pizzo, 23, of Troy, was charged with fourth-degree felony drug trafficking. Lab tests results are pending. Suspected meth and fentanyl were found in the apartment.