Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Aug. 19

THEFT: A resident in the 3000 block of Honeysuckle Drive, Troy, reported the listed items were stolen from her residence Aug. 17-19. The stolen medication for A. D. H. D. (Concerta) belongs to a nine year old relative in her custody. The stolen

Visa, Capital One card was used at various stores in Troy and Dayton.

RECKLESS OPERATION: A deputy was dispatched to the area of 2675 Farrington Rd., Piqua, on a Reckless Operation and Assist Squad incident.

Aug. 21

DRUG PARAPHERNALIA: A deputy conducted a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a stop bar violation. After further investigation the driver, Robert Stass, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: A deputy spoke with Tom Harmon regarding continuing issues with a vehicle abandoned in the church parking lot Aug.2 at the Missionary Church, 28 E. Cross Street, Potsdam.


While patrolling in the area of Washington Township, a deputy observed a silver Chevy Cavalier traveling south bound on County Road 25-A with an equipment violation. The deputy initiated a traffic stop on the Chevy Cavalier on County Road 25a near Farrington Rd. The operator of the vehicle was identified as Daltyn Gibson.

After running the vehicle through LEADS, the deputy discovered the vehicle was stolen out of Raleigh, West Virginia. Operator and passengers were escorted back to their residence in Piqua. Vehicle was towed to Miami County Sheriff impound lot by Knights towing.

Aug. 22

DRUGS FOUND: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a marked lanes violation at mile marker 68 southbound Interstate 75, Tipp City. The deputy made contact with the occupants and could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle was done and marijuana and a white substance believed to be methamphetamine was located in the vehicle. Edward Watkins Jr. was arrested and incarcerated for possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana. Sterling Vick was cited for possession of marijuana and released.

Aug. 23

OVI: A deputy was dispatched to the 1900 block of State Route 721, Laura, on a report of a suspicious person. The reporting party stated that there was a female in a black tank top and dark hair knocking on his back door and looked to be staggering and very intoxicated. The deputy arrived on scene and searched the property with Deputy Moore and was unable to locate the female.

Deputy Moore found her a few minutes later just west of the residence. The female was identified as Miranda Jones. Ms. Jones had a very strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from her persons and stated that she had just been in a crash south of the location but stated that she was not driving and did not need a squad.

Deputies then responded south of the location and found her truck on State Route 721 near State Route 571 off the roadway left into the ditch. Due to the evidence at the scene Ms. Jones was taken into custody for OVI, Failure to Control, and Expired OL. She was taken to West Milton Police Department and refused to submit to a breath test. While at the station she asked the deputy to get into her purse to get her phone. While looking through the purse, a deputy located a small clear bag with Marijuana in it. Ms. Jones was also charged with possession of Marijuana.

OVI:A deputy stopped the described vehicle on County Road 25A near Swailes Road, Concord Township, Miami County, for speed. The driver, Jason Evans, was charged with OVI and speed.

Aug. 24


Pursuant to two felony 4 convictions of gross sexual imposition out of Miami County Common Pleas Court, Robert C. Myers was classified as a “Sexually Oriented Offender” and required to register annually for a period 10 years, starting on August 13, 2007 when he initially registered as an offender, upon his release from prison.

In March, 2009, Mr. Myers failed to notify a change of address, was indicted on and subsequently convicted of the offense and sentenced to 10 months in prison. That jail time and prison time have Mr. Myers’ current registration expiration date as November 4, 2018.

On Aug. 12, 2014, Mr. Myers came into the Sheriff’s Office for his annual “Periodic Address Verification” as required. In October of 2014, he came into the Sheriff’s Office and provided a change of address as required. Providing a change of address does not change an offender’s annual periodic address verification date. That date is printed on a form that is provided to each offender when the come in for any verification or change of address. The date on Mr. Myers’ forms from August and October of 2014 is Aug. 13, 2015 and Mr. Myers signed both of these forms, which acknowledges all requirements on the form have been explained to him and that he must abide by all provisions of ORC 2950, whether or not they have been explained to him.

Per ORC 2950.06, Mr. Myers “shall periodically verify the offender’s current residence address”. He (as any other offender) is eligible to come in to the Sheriff’s Office anywhere up to 10 days prior to his registration deadline and conduct his periodic registration. On August 13, 2015, Mr. Myers was due for his annual address verification and he failed to show. A warning letter was sent Mr. Myers’ registered address of 430 Sayers Rd., Troy, as prescribed by ORC 2950.06(G), on August 14, 2015, reminding him that he was past due, and advising him he had until August 21, 2015 to become compliant (copy attached). This letter went unresponded to as Mr. Myers has not shown up at the Sheriff’s Office SORN Division, nor has he called in attempts to make an appointment.

Mr. Myers’ highest original conviction was a felony of the fourth degree. He has one prior conviction of ORC 2950.05; Failure to Notify Change of Address, a felony of the 4th degree. As prescribed by the penalty section of ORC 2950.99, a subsequent offense such as this, is now a felony of the 3rd degree. Robert C. Myers will be charged with one count of ORC 2950.06(F), failing to periodically verify a current residence address as applicable, a felony of the 3rd degree.