Council to consider $7.3 million Hobart Arena project

Regular meeting moved to Tuesday due to Labor Day holiday

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TROY — Troy City Council will review the up-to-$7.3 million Hobart Arena expansion and renovation project during its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 5 at City Hall.

Council will have its first reading to advertise for bids for the Hobart Arena project. Council met as a whole and unanimously recommended to move forward with the project on Aug. 25. The resolution will have its first reading Tuesday.

The arena’s planned 26,282-square-foot expansion will add more function space to the north of the arena for “back-of-the-house” operation to set up for arena shows, locker rooms, kitchen and multi-purpose area. Renovation work will expand the arena’s corridor to improve pedestrian flow, improved and expanded restroom facilities and concession stand access.

The original estimate for the project was $6.55 million. The increased project costs includes an additional $250,000 of improvement repairs to the nearly 65-year-old facility.

Repair work will include renovation and opening of concourses and finishes, replacement of skate resistant flooring, steel rigging grid work, replacement of arena lighting and controls, relocation of smoking area, repair to necessary walls and concrete, replacement of refrigerant condenser and receiver, repairs to exterior concrete canopies, repair exterior leaks in walls and roofing, replacement of rotted/degraded roof decking, repair of sewer line leak in corridor floor, replacement of domestic water piping, and replacement of existing water heaters.

More than $550,000 is estimated to be devoted to renovating the south entrance, the arena’s original entrance, to encourage more traffic flow to the area from the main parking lot. The south entrance will serve as the arena’s second main entrance with a lobby and box office area. Ticket pick-up and other recreation department services will also be located in the south entrance area.

A public hearing will be held in regard to rezone the 614 S. Crawford Street property from a M-2 light industrial district to OC-1 office commercial district.


R-44-2015 Bid façade improvements, 121 Public Square, from CDBG Funds, $65,000 First Reading

The buildings committee met on Aug. 24 to consider recommending that bidding be authorized for the facade improvements at 121 Public Square, which project is funded by a CDBG grant.

In 2014, council approved CDBG Funding for facade improvements to the Family Abuse Shelter property at 121 Public Square, particularly to replace the commercial storefront of the building. The project has been designed. The estimated cost of the project is $65,000. With the savings in the funding of the design, the project can be authorized in the amount of $65,000. According to the committee report, CDBG Funds must be expended prior to the end of this year.

R-46-2015 Public Defender Agreement for 2016, $20,341.13 First reading.

Council will consider its annual resolution to pay $20,341.13 for its public defender services.

R-47-2015 ODOT consent legislation, paving of SR 202 at the right of way at State Route in state fiscal year 2017. First reading.

Resolution is in regards to paving work on State Route 202 within the City of Troy’s right-of-way, specifically at the intersection of State Route 55. ODOT plans this work in State FY 2017. This project is at no cost to the city. See below.

R-48-2015 ODOT consent legislation, paving of SR 718 at the right of way at Wilson Road, I-75 Overpass First reading.

The streets and sidewalks committee met on August 31 to consider the consent legislation provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for two resurfacing projects within the city’s right-of-way in the future. One project is on State Route 202 at the intersection of State Route 55. The other is along State Route 718 at the intersection of Wilson Road and east of the 1-75 overpass. This project is at no cost to the city. Both projects are considered emergency legislation.

R-49-2015 Accepting tax levies certified by the Miami County Budget Commission. First reading.

The finance committee met on Sept. 1 to review the certifications forwarded for acceptance by the Miami County Budget Commission for the rates of tax to be levied on the general duplicates for 2015 for collection in 2016. Emergency designation is requested to meet the Oct. 1 deadline.

R-50-2015 Increase Authorization for Adams St. Improvement Phase 2 to $576,695.41 First Reading.

The streets and sidewalks committee met on Aug. 24. Members reviewed the Adams Street Phase 2 contract which was awarded at a cost not to exceed $555,000. Funding from the project was from the permissive tax balance of the Adams Street Bridge project. At the end of 2015, the contract had been encumbered in the amount of $550,000. Additional costs were incurred to finish the project, including costs associated with completing the bike path work to Miami Conservancy District specifications. Council is asked to increase the project authorization from $555,000 to $576,695.41. According to the council packet, much of the additional cost can be funded from the remaining permissive tax balance. Emergency legislation is being requested so payment can be made to the contractor L. J. DeWeese.


O-27-2015 Salaries of elected positions – to be effective at next term. Second Reading.

Council failed to suspend the rules to move forward with its request to increase the salary pay of its elected officials at the Aug. 17 meeting.The ordinance includes raises of 2.5 percent in 2016, 2.25 percent in 2017, 2.25 percent in 2018, 2.25 percent in 2019 — which mirror raises given to all city employees in 2012-2015. If passed, the mayor’s salary would increase from its current $21,519 salary up to $23,580 in 2019: auditor from its current $55,341 salary up to $60,640 in 2019; law director for its current $55,341 salary up to $60,640 in 2019; President of Council from its current $8,195 salary up to $8,980 in 2019; Council member’s current $7,649 salary up to $8,382 in 2019; and city treasurer’s current $4,917 salary up to $5,375 in 2019.

O-28-2015 Rezone IL 6517 (614 S. Crawford St.) from M-2, Light Industrial District, to OC-1, Office-Commercial District Second Reading.

The owner of the property is Tammy & Brent LLC (Robert Cole). The applicant is Michael E. Lyons. The Troy Planning Commission has recommended that this rezoning be approved.

The Troy Planning Commission report indicates that the intended use of the property is that it be renovated to house a fitness training center in the unoccupied (west portion) part of the building. The east side of the building will continue to be used at a welding repair company.

O-29-2015 Dedication of 0.030 acres of right-of-way, part OL 5113, on N. Market St. First reading.

The Troy Planning Commission recommended that the dedication of 0.030 acres of right-of-way of part of Outlot 5113 be accepted. This area is located along North Market Street, just north of Stonyridge Avenue. The right-of-way dedication is part of a replat that has been approved by the City Engineer that will combine lots into a single building lot; however, the dedication of right-of-way is a matter that can only be accepted by council action.

O-30-2015 Accept Cheney Annexation First Reading

The city’s law and ordinance committee met on Aug. 24 to consider the annexation of 1.243 acres in Concord Township to the City of Troy. This land is owned by S. Howard Cheney and is off Peters Road. The County approved the annexation on May 19. Based on the schedule prescribed by state law, council now makes a final determination on whether to accept the annexation. If the land is annexed to the city, it would retain the current Miami County single family residential zoning and would have to be rezoned to a city zoning before it could be developed. No indication has been provided by the owner as to a proposed future use for the land or a time frame for development.

O-31-2015 Reappropriation 1st Reading

O-32-2015 Purchase 3 properties on S. Mulberry Street, $230,000 First reading.

On Aug. 31, Council held a Committee of the Whole meeting and recommends that the Director of Public Service and Safety be authorized to purchase three properties on South Mulberry Street — 9 S. Mulberry Street ($65,000), 15 S. Mulberry Street ($85,000), and 24 S. Mulberry Street ($80,000) — at a total cost not to exceed $230,000.

The homes will be razed and used for parking, according to city staff. Emergency legislation is being requested.

O-33-2015 Purchase land for water tower on Stanfield Road, $127,000 First reading.

Council will consider purchasing a 1.8 acre site on Stanfield Road for the purpose of constructing a new water service tower. The owner of the site is Troy Town LLC. Emergency legislation is being requested.

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Regular meeting moved to Tuesday due to Labor Day holiday

Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews