Park board prepares for Green’s retirement

Ken Green, Miami Shores golf pro, retires next March

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The city’s board of park commissioners discussed how Ken Green ‘s position as director of the Miami Shores golf course and golf professional would be filled when Green retires next March at its regular meeting on Dec. 5.

Green’s retirement was approved, with regrets, by the board at its last meeting. Green has been the Miami Shores Golf Shores director for 14 years.

President Alan Kappers said the board will work with Tom Funderburg, human resources and assistant director of public service and safety, to fill Green’s position. The position will be advertised in golf magazines in the region and locally.

Kappers said he reviewed the position description to fill Green’s position and it was approved by commissioners Susan Westfall and Levi Fox. The board reviewed the salary for golf pros at the public golf courses at Piqua and Vandalia. Kappers reported Troy’s current golf pro salary ranges from $74,000 to $87,000. The salary is established by city ordinance.

Kappers addressed an issue of how the pro shop proceeds would be handled after Green’s retirement. Green maintained the pro shop, owned its inventory and received the proceeds from the sales of the items and club repair sales. The city may be interested to make the golf pro shop items an in-house program when a new pro is hired. The city would need to track inventory and sales of the pro shop under new management. Green said the profit margin in the pro shop is slim due to online sales, although inventory was necessary for golfers.

Kappers said when advertising for the new position, the board needed to know what other amenities such as pro shop proceeds and golf lessons the new employee would be entitled to.

Green suggested inventory next spring should be kept to the basics such as gloves, golf balls, tees and athletic wear. Commissioner Fox said the pro shop inventory should be kept as a bargaining point and before shifting the pro shop to an in-house project.

Tim Boutwell from Golf Graphics made a presentation to update the tee signs at Miami Shores. Kappers requested a sample contract to review with the new golf pro in the future.

The board adjourned into executive session to review the compensation of a public employee.

Ken Green, Miami Shores golf pro, retires next March

By Melanie Yingst