Troy to launch new logo and ‘brand’ this year

Rebranding to share city’s ‘unique’ aspects

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Although the patriotic flare of the city of Troy, Ohio, U.S.A logo has been the image of the city for more than two decades, the city will unveil a new look with a new city logo and slogan in 2018.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington provided city council an update about the city’s rebranding process at workshop session on Monday.

Titterington said the rebranding process was born through the MKSK study of the riverfront and downtown surveys and focus groups. No official date has been set to launch the new look, but Titterington said he expects it to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Titterington said through the course of interviews and resident comments, the responses were positive about the city of Troy, but reasons why Troy was well-liked weren’t being articulated. “They didn’t know what our ‘story’ is,” he said.

The consulting firm MKSK shared how the lack of a “story” is problematic since Troy has many positive “ambassadors” who aren’t able to articulate what is special about the city. Titterington said the rebranding would help residents share with outsiders the unique aspects of Troy “to visit, to stay, to live, to work and to support all these projects and initiatives.”

Titterington said the city has never truly had its own brand or logo. The Troy, Ohio U.S.A. logo was borrowed from the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce 25 years ago. “It (the logo) is showing its age and a branding initiative was needed,” he said.

One of MKSK’s subcontractors, BLDG, has been working on the project and has held interviews and focus groups with city leaders and human resource directors of Troy companies.

Titterington said the new look through its new logo “will not just be sprung upon the community,” and plans to help convey the message of why the new brand was needed are under way.

Titterington said a video educational piece is planned by BLDG to explain the back story of the new look.

BLDG is the company doing the work on the rebranding program. The cost is $63,525, of which the city contributed $12,500.

Titterington said the consultants are still making final touches on the logo and a new tag line. Titterington said with the new high-service water tower almost complete on Stanfield, the new logo will appear on both water towers on Stanfield Road once paint is ordered. The city’s vehicles, signage and wayfinding will be updated first with other signage to be switched over time.

President Marty Baker asked if council would play a role in the rebranding selection. Titterington said it is not subject to legislation.

“It is a community brand, the city will own it,” Titterington said, noting that it will be open to be used by other community groups. “In terms of formal action, it’s not really something council takes action on other than all of you need to be chief cheerleaders for the community going forward.”

Titterington said the image would go along with the city’s push for wayfinding signage and other areas. He also said the logo and font style of the new brand would be open for use for schools, community organizations and other local organizations to tie in the community look.

The MKSK study presented several downtown Troy objectives during its presentation: rebranding and tourism, increase amenities, housing and employment downtown, tout the bike trail and improve its connectivity, leverage parking and update (zoning) regulations.

The workshop session was held to review legal matters such as Sunshine Law, chain of command, emergency plan and other administrative and legislative processes with City Law Director Grant Kerber.

Rebranding to share city’s ‘unique’ aspects

By Melanie Yingst

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews