Council considers wage increases for city staff

Executive session planned for all bargaining units

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will begin its regular meeting with an executive session to consider negotiations or a bargaining session with public employees in regards to their compensation and employment terms at 7 p.m. on Monday at City Hall.

The session includes bargaining for all heads of departments of the city and its employees and additional staff.

Prior to the executive session, council will hold its first public meeting to amend the general plan of Stonebridge Meadows. Public comments, for or against the proposed changes, will be recorded before council adjourns into its executive session. The ordinance will have its second reading later in the business portion of the meeting.

Resolutions R-62-2105 through R-64-2015 — The resolutions are for city funding of the Troy Recreation Association for $29,000, Troy Main Street for $55,000 and for Troy Development Council for $125,000. All three agencies requested the same funding from 2014. First reading.

R-65-2015 Extension of duty injury leave by 30 days for Troy Fire Department’s Elijah Evans. First reading with emergency.

R-66-2015 Legal Services by assistant law directors — First reading with emergency. The law and ordinance committee approved to move forward with a request from Grant Kerber, the 2016 law director, to authorize the use of appointed attorneys as assistant law directors who work for the firm of Shipman, Dixon and Livingston LPA for legal services, clerical assistance and office space provisions. The appointments can be made effective Jan. 1. There is no cost to the city.

R-67-2015 Business First! Agreement Renewal — First Reading with emergency. This is a five-year agreement with the Montgomery County to continue its membership for staff training and activities related to business retention and expansion for regional economic development programs. Membership renewal is requested by Dec. 18. The program is operated through the Troy Development Council which pays the annual fee.

R-68-2015 Agreements to provide option of online credit card payment for utility bills — First reading with emergency. This resolution seeks to add online credit card payment for utility bills with the consumer paying a separate convenience fee. The proposed fee is $2.95 per transaction up to $100 and 3 percent for any transaction more than $100. The fee is not collected by the city, but by a third party vendor to collect the bill amount. The city is to pay a $600 software set-up fee. Other options include collecting payment for permits in the future. Emergency is requested to begin the service in January.

R-69-2015 Agreement with LJB Inc., design McKaig Road Improvement Phase III, $150,000 — First reading with emergency. The street and utility project includes McKaig Road Improvements from Madison Street to the west alley of Lake Street. The design exceeds the $75,000 budget to include additional work including a traffic study of McKaig Avenue and Ridge Avenue, locating sanitary sewer, a possible four parcels for right-of-way acquisition and post design services. The additional funds will be provided from the water fund, sewer and stormwater funds. The city funds the design but the construction project will be partially funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission.

R-70-2015 Street Lighting Agreement with Miami Valley Lighting for 10 years — First reading with emergency. Troy is one of 23 communities involved with joint negotiations for long-term contracts for street lighting. The ten-year agreement begins Jan. 1, 2016 through Dec. 31 2015. The city of Troy would not have an increase in streetlight unit charges for the first five years and then a one-time 5 percent increase would follow the final five years. All mercury vapor lights will be upgraded to LED within the first five years.

R-71-2015 EMH&T Agreement for $115,500 — The agreement includes $6,000 for additional tower design costs. The agreement also includes $109,500 for construction administration and inspection services. First reading with emergency. The additional money is due to the new location of the water tower on Stanfield Road.

R-72-2015 and R-73-2015 and Ordinance O-44-2015 — These resolutions are for contracts, including wages and benefits, for FOP police officers and police sergeants for 2016-2018. The resolutions will have its first reading with emergency. The ordinance is in regards to the salaries for police officers and police sergeants. The ordinance will have its first reading with emergency. The proposed salaries beginning Jan. 1, 2016 include police officer first class (step 2) $68,608 up to $71,380 per year down to a police officer third class (step 1) beginning salary of $49,558 in 2016 up to $51,560 per year in 2018. A police sergeant promoted prior to Dec. 31, 2000 would earn $37.93 per hour beginning in 2016 up to $39.46 per hour through 2018 on up through the ranks of police sergeant (step 4).


O-41-2015 Amend General Plan of Stonebridge Meadows Planned Development — The ordinance will have its second reading with a public hearing at the beginning of the council session. The proposed plan additional lots from 134 to 138 lots and the removal of an existing home adjacent to the development.

O-42-2015 Appropriation for 2016 (budget adoption) — This ordinance will adopt the proposed 2016 budget for the city of Troy. The 2016 budget include an increase of income tax revenues up 5.3 percent. Major expenditures include $351,000 for a new jet vac, three new police cruisers, police department staff vehicle, pickup trucks for electric and waste water treatment plant, replacement of a utility dump truck and service van. Requests for the replace of a mower for the golf course, parks and cemetery department is also included.

O-43-2015 Reappropriation for 2015 — First reading. An end of the year reappropriation has been requested to cover expenditures. According to the memo from the city auditor to city council, the reapproprations result from the following: increase services expenditures for temporary help, maintenance of facilities and equipment for the cemetery fund; decrease in appropriations of the park and recreation capital improvement fund due since a new restroom facility was not built in 2015; decrease in OPWC fund for McKaig Road project; $11,734 in additional funds to cover reimburse of the fire insurance escrow fund; Hobart Arena Fund increase of $25,000 to cover costs of additional concessions which were not originally included in the budget; increase appropriations to the stormwater utility fund and sanitary sewer fund for additional project design work and fixed asset costs which exceed original budget; increase in appropriations to Miami Shores for personnel; and increase in appropriation account to the invest fund for capital improvement fund for interest earnings.

O-45-2015 Salaries 2016-2018, non-represented employees — Emergency first reading. This ordinance would adopt a salary schedules for support staff of the city department with hourly rates being established for 2016-2018.

O-46-2015 Salaries 2016-2018, FLSA exempt employees — Emergency first reading. This ordinance would establish the salaries of certain employees include the director of public service and safety and its staff, as well as all department management positions.

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Executive session planned for all bargaining units

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews