City accepts $130,000 in gifts

Troy Foundation donates funds for ball field complex

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Christmas came a few days early as Troy City Council closed out the year of official business on Monday by accepting a gift from the Troy Foundation.

After council finished its last official business of the year, Mayor Michael Beamish announced the Troy Foundation recently awarded the city $100,000 for the development for the city’s junior baseball diamond complex. The new ball fields will be part of the 117-acre Huelskamp Farm purchased last August.

“That’s a sizable surprise in gift as we head into the new year,” Beamish said.

The Troy Foundation also awarded $30,000 additional funds earmarked for the Miracle League of the Miami Valley for its ball field to be constructed at the complex.

“Aren’t we blessed to have a foundation that cares so much about our community that the distribution committee is willing to give us that kind of funds to help us spurn on that kind of development,” Beamish said.

Beamish, along with President of Council Marty Baker, presented councilman at-large Alan Clark, city law director Jim Livingston and city auditor John Stickel plaques of appreciation for their service to the city of Troy.

“All three have done a wonderful job in this community for many, many years,” Beamish said. “They’ve all given of their time, their talents and certainly they’ve done their homework along the way.”

Livingston served as the city law director since 2012. City of Troy’s Grant Kerber will serve as the city’s law director beginning Jan. 1.

John Stickel served as the city’s auditor since 2011. John Frigge will serve as the city’s auditor beginning Jan. 1.

Mayor Beamish also recognized Alan Clark’s six terms of service as a councilman at-large.

“Alan has been active in our community in so many ways, but he has certainly given his time and talent as a city councilman at-large,” Beamish said.

Council member Robin Oda was not present at the meeting.

City Council unanimously approved to amend the general plan of Stonebridge Meadows development. Council will have a second reading for the amended ordinance at its next meeting. The ordinance language includes the planned development “be amended to include a provision that any changes to the CC&Rs after the Amendment to Declaration of Subdivision, establishing Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions the developer filed with the Miami County Recorder in October of 2015 would be subject to Council approval, and that amended 0-41-2015 be adopted to approve the amendment to the General Plan portion of the Stonebridge Meadows Planned Development regarding Phase Four.”

Last October, Stonebridge Development owner Judy Tomb applied for the proposed changes of phase four of the development, including razing an existing brick home and outbuildings on a 1.66-acre lot and the reconfiguration by increasing the development’s total lots from 134 to 138 lots.

If council approves the amendment, the ordinance will then be considered for adoption at the Jan. 4 council meeting.

Council unanimously adopted the ordinance to amend benefit provisions for non-bargaining unit employees. It is designated as an emergency.

Troy Foundation donates funds for ball field complex

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews