Real Estate Transactions


Sharon Cantrell-Miller to Sharon Miller, one lot, $0.

HSBC Bank USA, N.A., Indenture Trust, etc. to Timothy Weitzel, one lot, $79,900.

Brian Pleiman, Jennifer Pleiman to Clarence Brown, Sharrie Brown, $248,900.

Kenneth Unger to Bethanie Unger, two lots, $0.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Steven Fair, Kari Fay, one lot, $230,000.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Robert Ingles to Citimortgage Inc., one lot, $50,000.

Kaydriene Gore, Rathel Gore to Scott Knouff, one lot, $124,500.

Randy Wackler to Carol Wackler, Randy Wackler, one lot, $0.

Beverly Berger to Shirley Hynes, Thomas Hynes, one lot, $88,900.

Shelley Jane Denney, attorney in fact, Fred McConnell to Rose Misssioni Collins, Victor Collins, one lot, $51,700.

Brian Blackmore, Elizabeth Blackmore, Elizabeth Fulker to Brian Blackmore, Elizabeth Blackmore, on e lot, $0.

Kimberly Butcher, Quincy Butcher, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., one lot, $110,000.

Halifax Land Company LLC to Keystone Homes In Troy, Scott Investments of Troy, one ot, $89,900.

Mary Ann McCabe Revocable Living Trust, Mary Ann McCabe trustee, to Catherine Willis, Kenneth Wilis, one lot, $156,000.

Emiko Narui, Ryoichi Narui to Linhang Ren, Dehua Wang, one lot, $61,300.

Torrie Smothers, Virgil Smothers Jr. to Rebecca Warner, one lot, $93,500.

Euba Real Estate Corp. to Yea Troy Real Estate LLC, two lots, $240,000.

Benjamin Ayers, Crystal Ayers to Kenneth Abdon, Patricia Abdon, one lot, $114,900.

Jeffrey Menke to Zachary West, two lots, $66,500.

Glenn Honeyman, Patricia Honeyman to Michael Kowrach, two lots, $100,000.


Julie Bachman, Keith Bachman to Lora French, one lot, $160,000.

Estate of Linda Elliott to Daniel Elliott, one lot, $0.

Estate of Sarah Davis, Shirley Schroth, administrator to American Land Investments Ltd., one lot, $22,900.

Michael Havenar, Tammie Jo Havenar to John Schmidt, Lora Schmidt, one lot, $120,000.

Amy Morrow, Greg Morrow to Bonnie Young, one lot, $86,400.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Steven Snyder to Franklin American Mortgage Company, one lot, $66,000.

Sherry Development Inc. to Paul Sherry Seventh Amended and Restated Trust, Paul Sherry, trustee, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Joy Higgins to Kondaur Capital Corp., Matawn Ventures Trust, two lots, $57,900.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Diedre Douglas to Bank of New York Mellon, Newcastle Mortgage Securities Trust, one lot, $20,000.

Dimitri Nicholas to Anthony Cota, three lots, $94,900.

Brenda Rhodes, Richard Rhodes to Yolanda Diaz, Armando Diaz Marqueez, one lot, $79,900.

Piqua Investment Corp. to Debora Katz, Jeffery Katz, one lot, $1,000.

Bradley Bernard, Melissa Bernard to Melissa Berry, two lots, $113,500.

U.S. Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Estate of David Poling to Linda Poling, one lot, $0.

Estate of Helen Brownlee to Richard Brownlee, two lots, $0.

Advantaira Trust LLC, Kenneth Draving, Jean Rayle to Robert Jay, one lot, $74,900.

Donald Brown, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, one lot, $18,200.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, George Henderson Revocable Living Trust, Donald Shough, successor trustee to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, $0.


Anna Brownlee, Derrick Brownlee to Derrick Brownlee Trust, $0.

Ronald Conley, Sarah Conley to Glenn Ford, Karen Ford, one lot, $168,000.

Jacqueline Hoffman to Kylie Furst, one lot, $124,900.

Jerry Bonner, Peri Bonner to Michael Clark, Nancy Clark, one lot, $403,000.


Leota Penny, William Penny to Leota Penny, William Penny, one lot, $0.

Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund I LLC, Stonecrest Manager Inc., manager to Colonial Funding Group, three lots, $18,200.


Clifton Taylor, Ruby Taylor to Ryan Vanderhorst, two lots, $0.

Larry Adams, co-trustee, Adams Family Trust, Annette Francis, co-trustee to Eric McReynolds, Stephanie McReynolds, one lot, $0.

Trader and Klatte Investments to Carrie Holliger, Jared Hollinger, two lots, $75,000.


Todd Belden, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to Bank of New York Mellon, GSMPS Mortgage Loan Trust, JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., one lot, $30,000.


Inverness Group Inc. to Daniel Arnold, Rebekah Arnold, two lots, $294,600.

Villas at Benchrock LLC to Gisela Anderson, Wayne Anderson, two lots, $237,700.

Villas at Benchrock LLC to Carmer Hall, Nelson Hall, two lots, $242,500.

M/1 Homes of Cincinnati LLC to Linda Michalak, Stephen Michalak, two lots, $200,000.

Harlen Coy, Patricia Coy to Martha Wright, two lots, $209,000.


Michelle Fessler, Von Fessler to Michael Fessler, two lots, $77,000.


Harold Penny, Marcella Penny to Missy Whitmer, Tony Whitmer, one lot, $163,000.


Clyde Woodward, co-trustee, Ruth Woodward, co-trustee, Woodward Family Revocable Living Trust, to Clyde Woodward, Ruth Woodward, 36.016 acres, $0.


Bruns Construction Enterprises Inc. to Jessica Getz, Michael Pignatiello, one lot, $580,800.

Aaron Pleiman, Elizabeth Pleiman to Amy Group, Andrew Group, one lot, $199,900.

Andrea Machicao, Carlos Machicao to Andrea Machicao, one lot, $0.

Charles Hackett, Mary Ann Hackett to Charles Hackett Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Judith Ann Logan Revocable Trust, J. Tim Logan, co-trustee, Judith Logan, Co-trustee to Heather Kawecki, Jeffrey Kawecki, one lot, $65,000.


Dale Sotzing, Fonda Sotzing to Adam Vogel, Erika Vogel, 5.010 acres, $0.


Jennifer Babylon to Thomas Babylon Jr., one lot, $0.

James Conley Jr., Roberta Conley to Matthew Epperson, 2.12 acres, $140,000.


Donald Angle, Jacqueline Angle, Gary Denlinger, Mary Jane Denlinger, Fieda Garber to Frieda Garber Randall Garber, 19.6999 acres, $90,000.

Sarah Farno to Charlene Ross, co-trustee, Harold Ross, co-trustee, Ross Family Joint Living Trust Agreement, 0.826 acres, $85,000.


Ann Garner, Rodney Garner to Craig Hemmelgarn, Lindsey Hemmelgarn, one lot, $258,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Lerner Sampson and Rothfuss, attorney in fact to Cynthia Durham, William Durham, 0.353 acres, $0.

Roger Davis, Sherry Davis to Jami Artuso, Wayne Artuso, 5.227 acres, $67,000.

Charles Olshawsky, Karen Olshawsky to Scott Smith, one lot, $170,000.

Lois Lykes to Lois Lykes, trustee, one lot, $0.

Carmen Jensen, William Jensen to Christopher Hanrahan, one lot, $191,000.

Jill Marlow, Andrew Sokolnicki, Jill Sokolinicki to Andrew Sokolnicki, Jill Sokolnicki, 6.9357 acres, $0.


Joseph Sapp, Katie Sapp to Brian Easterling, Rexanna Easterling, one lot, $161,000.


Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to Amanda Manson, Zachary Manson, one lot, $23,000.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to Whitefeather Development Corp., one lot, $25,000.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to Whitefeather Development Corp., one lot, $25,000.

Suess Enterprises LLC to Tammy Phillips, one lot, $175,000.

Colt Hines, Tara Miller to Jordan Godwin, 0.72 acres, $125,000.

RL Hawk LLC to Earl W. Carey II, Paula Schoen Carey, $25,000.

Robert Strayer to Strayer Family Legacy LLC, $0.

Douglas Eakin, Abbe Hasenjager to Douglas Eakin, 1.088 acres, $0.


Michael Defrances, Rebecca Hamler, $143,500.

Cheryl Jackson, Joe Jackson to J&C Jackson Holding Co. LLC, 10.005 acres, 62.6659 acres, $0.

Allen Renner, Barbara Renner to Christine Ann Renner, Gary Allen Renner, 6.0 acres, $0.


Gator Piqua LLC, Gator Piqua Partners to Northern Miami Valley Investment Group, 0.910 acres, $315,000.