Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

July 20

Covington Care Center, 75 Mote Drive, Covington — Observed upright cooler not holding 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Ensure cold holding of temperature controlled for safety foods maintain 41 degrees of below to limit growth of bacteria. Manager is monitoring this issue.

Genesis Healthcare Troy, 512 Crescent Drive, Troy — Grout is missing in tiles and floor below the dish machines. Replace grout for easy cleaning and prevent breeding places. Observed spider web in window above counter. Observed gnats in dish area below machine. Clean areas often. Repair grout. Clean drains well. Consult with pest control.

Meijer #112 store, 1900 W. Main St., Troy — Follow up to previous inspection. Issues resolved. Letter provided from cheese company that cheese is shelf stable due to low water content.

Patty’s IGA, 106 E. Main St., Bradford — Observed packages of baby food and formula outdated on the shelf. Be sure to check dates on delivery of products. Discussed cooling of eggs and beets. Use an ice bath to help cool quickly.

Piqua Country Club Snack Bar, 9812 Country Club Road, Piqua — Hood vents above fryer with grease build-up. Clean these areas more frequently.

July 21

Residence Inn, 87 Troy Town Road, Troy — Good at time of inspection.

Troy Elks #833, 17 W. Franklin St., Troy — Critical violation at time of inspection: Observed ham (52 degrees) and cheese (52 degrees) in refrigerator above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Foods removed. Discussed with employee what foods need to be discarded. TCS must be kept below 41 degrees to prevent germ growth. A two-door refrigerator is holding at 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Repair to hold below 41 degrees. Observed gnats below the ice container. Observed wet conditions on floor. Clean area well and dry. Consult pest control company.

Troy Meat Shop, 502 Garfield Avenue, Troy — Observed items in the freezer case with no ingredient statement: pineapple express brats, jalapeno cheddar brats, portions of pie. All packaged food items must have correct labeling. Discussed custom butchering processes. Keep separate time from retail with full clean up after.

Upper Valley Medical Center, 3130 N. County Road 25A, Troy — No violations at time of inspection.

July 22

Covington Care Center, 75 S. Mote Drive, Covington — Reinspection of upright cooler. Cooler holding proper temperature at time of inspection.

Fazoli’s #1715, 1887 W. Main St., Troy — Reinspection for air conditioning unit being replaced to help prep cooler operate properly. Air conditioning unit has been replaced. Coolers are holding proper temperature at time of inspection.

Sakai Japanese Bistro, 2303 W. Main St., Troy — Clean hard-to-reach areas, mainly grill/cook line and dishwasher area. Observed residual build-up in this area that was seen on wall or floor area or around equipment. Felt residual build-up on handles of equipment. Clean equipment handles/surfaces when needed. Observed cutting boards in cookline that need resurfaced or replaced. Observed stained cutting boards. Caulk at all hand sinks and sink areas and mop sink where needed. Remove caulking properly.

Tom’s Pizza, 690 S. Miami St., West Milton — Replace gasket on prep cooler that is damaged.

Troy Fish and Game, 2618 Levre Road, Troy — Critical violation at time of inspection: observed raw meat next to packaged cheese on shelf in walk in cooler. Raw meats must be kept separated from ready-to-eat foods to prevent cross-contamination.

July 23

Bakehouse Bread Company, 317 Public Square SW, Troy — Observed food debris in hard-to-reach areas on the mixers. Areas shown to workers. Be sure to clean areas thoroughly.

Club 55, 845 W. Market St., Troy — Kitchen shut down at this time. Owner wants to keep license for special events. Freezer only equipment on at this time.

Crystal Room, 845 W. Market St., Troy — Observed clean glasses being stored on floor in dish room. Keep all glassware six inches off the floor to prevent any contamination.

July 24

Fletcher Pizza Carry-Out, 101 W. Main St., Fletcher — Facility looks much better upon reinspection. Thank you. Discussed the area where dishes are dried. Obtain a dish strainer to properly allow dishes to dry.

The Cellar, 1600 W. Main St., Suite A, Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Hobart Arena Kitchen, 255 Adams Street, Troy — No violations at time of inspection.