Real Estate Transactions


Jeffrey Studabaker, JRS Investments LLC, one lot, $0.

Annette Cargill, Michael Cargill to HGNS, LLC, one lot, $147,500.

Joel Misirian, Sharon Misirian to Justin Anthony, Lisa Anthony, two lots, $182,500.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Joseph Kaufman, Shannon Kaufman, one lot, $305,000.

Estate of Paul Cruea, Deborah Jenkins, executor to Donald and Mary Christian Trust, Mary Christian, trustee, one lot, $115,000.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Nancy Blevins, one lot, $195,000.

Amy Gerlach, John Gerlach to Margaret Hunt, Thomas Hunt, one lot, $174,900.

Dodd Custom Builders LLC to Amy Potts, Derek Potts, one lot, $340,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Barbara Wilson, John Wilson, one lot, $257,500.

Deborah Steggemann to Jeffrey Boyer, one lot, $104,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Manley, Deas, and Kochalski LLC, attorney in fact to James Scott, Kimberly Scott, one lot, $0.

Charles Griesemer Revocable Living Trust, Charles Griesemer, trustee to Shirley Hamm, one lot, $145,500.

Patricia Kelly, Daniel Snow, attorney in fact to Claudine Estrella, Hemanth Gujjola, Scarlett Gujjola, one lot, $242,000.

Christie Munday, attorney in fact, Robert Munday to Craig Inman, Marie Inman, one lot, $337,000.

Sigrid Byers, attorney in fact, Nils Fernelius to Scott Evans, Tara Evans, one lot, $99,000.

Estate of Raymond Norris to Shirley Norris, one lot, $0.

Estate of Ora Emilee Good to Larry Bruner, one lot, $0.

Estate of Ora Emilee Good to Larry Bruner, one lot, $0.

Stefanie Sarracco, Timothy Sarracco to Jeffrey Christopher, Mary Christoper, one lot, $265,000.

James Nutt, Melanie Nutt to Yi Ting Ren, one lot, $137,800.

NVR Inc. to Cori Ailes, Glen Ailes, one lot, $188,500.

Evelyn Spicer, Catherine Weaver, attorney in fact to Dale Kennedy, Florence Kennedy, one lot, $82,500.

Matthew Williams, Tiffany Williams to Casey Caughell, Donald Chavis, one lot, $96,000.

Robert Davis, Sarah Davis to James Nutt, Melanie Nutt, two lots, $174,400.


Flagstar Bank FSB, Selene Finance LP, attorney in fact to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Kelly Johnson, attorney in fact, Kenneth Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Norma Jean Johnson, Dennis Weaver, Karen Weaver, attorney in fact to Glynda Swartz, Landon Swartz, one lot, $227,000.

Michael Sherry to Paul Maxwell, one lot, $17,700.

Katie Poeppelman, Matthew Poeppelman to Karen Phillis, one lot, $65,000.

Tammy Bloomfield to James Bloomfield, one lot, $0.

Estate of Marion Kolker to David Kolker, one lot, $0.

Brian Helman, Shannon Helman to Caun Colvin, one lot, $75,000.

Mary Sue Wray, Thomas Wray to Michael Sloan, one lot, $47,000.

Cornerstone Construction of Miami County, Keystone Homes in Troy, Scott Investments of Troy to Cortney Henry, Daniel Henry, one lot, $202,100.

Glynda Mikolajewski to Abby Everett, two lots, $99,000.


Marshall Griffin, Therese Griffin to Mary Lee, Russell Lee, one lot, $74,900.

Sarah Hodges, Shaun Hodges to Erica Miller, Thomas Miller, one lot, $657,000.

Clint Condie, Heidi Condie to Carl Kelley, KA RI, one lot, $252,000.

Harold Miller, Robin Miller to Robin Miller, one lot, $0.

Thelma Altic a.k.a. Thelma Liebl, Amy Hirsch, attorney in fact to Linda Staton, Robert Staton, one lot, $100,000.

Cynthia Michaels, Blake Michaels to Caroline Neves, one lot, $340,000.


David Rhoades, executor, Irwana Rhoades to Irwana Rhoades, two lots, $69,500.

Jill Wickman, trustee, Wickman Living Trust to Samuel Kuntz, one lot, $96,500.

Kimmel Ohio LLC to Phyllis Markley, Richard Markley, one lot, $127,500.


Tani S. White-Fox, attorney in fact, Mary White to Anita Curtis, Anthony Curtis, two lots, $155,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Jerald Ryerson, Kelly Ryerson, two lots, $276,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $36,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $41,000.

Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $48,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $36,000.

NRV Inc. to Ismail Idrisov, Shura Idrisova, two lots, $294,200.


Carol Christian to Amy Buroker, Mark Buroker, two lots, $131,500.


Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to Bank of New York Trust Company, CR Properties 2015 LLC, JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, etc., one lot, $18,100.


U.S. Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.


Estate of Ryan Nystrom, Janet Nystrom, administrator to John F. Rickert, Jr., Loura Rickert, 0.837 acres, $138,000.

Johnetta Meyer, Walter Meyer to Jessica Hallum, Kevin Hallum, one lot, $474,900.

Daniel Heberling, Theresa Heberling to Mandy Safriet, Michael Safriet, 5.013 acres, $60,000.

Brenda Hickle to Coy Vastbinder, two lots, $119,000.


Debra Blackburn, David Collins to Rodney Westfall, four lots, $15,000.

Evelyn Swank, trustee, William and Evelyn Revocable Trust to Monte Swank, $300,000.

Scott Kinney to Aaron Zakrie, Ashley Zakrie, one lot, $210,000.

Mary Copperhwaite, Randal Reardon to Melissa Brandewie, one lot, $92,500.

Paul Sanchez, Robin Sanchez to Melissa Brandewie, one lot, $92,500.

Rodney Westfall to Andrew Ross, Jessica Ross, one lot, $103,000.


Marilyn Oglesbee, Roger OGlesbee to Margaret Ellinger, Terry Ellinger, one lot, $185,000.

Dorothy Debord, Jerry Debord, Natalie Debord, Natalie Watson, attorney in fact to TMA Land Limited, 0.909 acres, $80,000.


James Ashton, Ramona Ashton to Maria Stephenson, 5.001 acres, $363,000.


Brenda Miller, Brian Miller to Annie Rene Stacy Thompson, Dale Thompson, 6.458 acres, $299,900.

Joe Rittgers Trust, Venita Rittgers, trustee, to Roberta McGriff, 10.465 acres, $0.


Josphine Howard, Steven Howard to Ashley Zipfel, Chad Zipfel, one lot, $315,000.


Hatler Bryant, Rhonda Bryant to Gregory Mills, 1 acre, $82,600.

Joyce Fulton, trustee, William Fulton, trustee to Board of Miami County Commissioners, $0.

Patricia Boyd to Patricia Boyd, Todd Kline, one lot, $0.


Estate of Charles Kleptz to Charles Kleptz Third Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust, Arlene Kelptz, co-trustee, Thomas Kleptz, co-trustee, two lots, $0.

Indiana Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends to West Branch Monthly meeting of Friends of Miami County, OH, $0.

James Slough Jr. to Andrew McMullen, Jessie McMullen, $29,900.


Marion Fessler, successor trustee, Jerry McColloch Declaration of Trust to Diane Taylor, James Taylor, 15.325 acres, $255,000.