Real estate transactions


Ronald King to Lisa Farber King, one lot, $0.

GZD Troy Ventures to Plato Pavlatos, one lot, $2,700,000.

Jill Thome, William Thome, Vijaya Dulla to Narendra Nallam, one lot, $335,000.

Mark Schaefer to Beth Schaefer , Stuart Schaefer, one lot, $0.

Vicky Huber to Jack Huber, one lot, $0.

John Stevenson Jr., Susan Stevenson to Contract Brothers LLC, one lot, $0.

Tahra Michelle Heidel to Adam Sandberg, one lot, $0.

Brandi Glosette to Arland Glosette, one lot, $0.

Estate of Jon Mieding, Joanne Mieding, administrator to Allison Bair, one lot, $61,900.

Amber Melvin, Michael Melvin Jr. to Sara Hart, one lot, $95,000.

Dottie Brown, Ted Brown to Ashley Blackford, Lee Blackford, four lots, $260,000.

Bank of New York, J.P. Morgan Chase N.A., trustee, to Ashlin Stoltz, two lots, $32,500.

Melanie Cromes to David Cromes II, three lots, $0.

Allan Miller, trustee to Nathan Walter, one lot, $90,000.

David Murphy, Jodi Murphy, Jodi Reese to Nicolette Panagouleas, one lot, $112,000.

Chad Apple, Kristy Apple to Shirley Apple-Shoup, Daniel Shoup, Shirley Apple Shoup, one lot, $88,500.

City of Troy to Miami County Board of Park Commissioners, one lot, $0.

F.A. Archer Partnership, Darryl Hinkle to F.A. Archer Trust, Darryl Hinkle, successor, one lot, $0.

Nathan Walter to NE Enterprises Ltd., $0.


Robert Fincel, Shirley Fincel to Kyle Fincel, three lots, $0.

Terry Stamper to Christine Ward, one lot, $84,000.

Harold Schmidt II to Eugene Weitzel, Peggy Weitzel, one lot, $167,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Crystal Seiter, Paul Seiter to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, one lot, $44,000.

Jing He, Ling Mao to Christine Matney, David Price, one lot, $214,000.

Cornerstone Construction of Miami County to Randy Blankley, one lot, $180,500.

Beverly Pratt to Deborah Ramer, Richard Ramer, two lots, $220,000.

Council Number 3344 Building to Piqua Building Association Inc., one lot, $0.


Paisley Clunk Hoose Co. LPA, Federal National Mortgage Association, Law Offices of John Clunk to Ben Mosier, one lot, $0.

Carey Smith, Sara Smith, attorney in fact to Alison Osborne, Joshua Osborne, one lot, $236,000.

Anthony Chappie to Chappie’s Investments LLC, one lot, $0.


Pierce Business Properties to Danny Huff, one lot, $96,000.


Robin Phillis to Richard Phillis, one lot, $0.

Jon Furrow, Sherry Furrow to Graham Furrow, Kathryn Furrow, two lots, $110,000.

Larry Earick, Lorrie Earick to Joshua Earick, Lacie Earick, two lots, $75,500.


NVR Inc. to Emil Kuchiyev, Noila Shakirova, two lots, $236,400.

NVR Inc. to Andrew Benner, Angela Hampton, two lots, $201,700.

Janice Carmack, Paul Carmack to Shelmar Investments LLC, two lots, $0.

NVR Inc. to Laura Laugle, Thomas Laugle, two lots, $276,600.

Amanda Pitchford, James Pitchford to Kristen Vander Molen, Matthew Witwer, two lots, $275,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $37,000.


Estate of Fred Rittenberry, Robert Harrelson, administrator to Donald Smith, Robin Smith, three lots, $62,500.


Jordan Stull, Kaitlyn Stull, Sandra Stull, attorney in fact to April Wood, Nathan Wood, two lots, $98,500.


Mary Lou Chadwell, Deborah Felter, attorney in fact, to Michael Warner, Stacy Warner, one lot, $161,000.

Brooke Hoblit, Jeremy Hoblit, Brooke Lawson to Amber Fryman, one lot, $88,000.


Betty Seale, Betty Wills to David Seale, 5.7394 acres, $0.


Elizabeth Cool, Torrey Cool, Elizabeth Francis to Elizabeth Cool, Torrey Cool, one lot, $0.

Charles Miller, Melissa Miller to Melody Davy, Brent Schoonover, one lot, $242,900.

Anthony Beardmore, Marianne Beardmore to Erin Reynolds, Jeremy Reynolds, one lot, $470,000.


Estate of Constance Bleigh, Cynthia Long, executor to Joshua Bunch, one lot, $114,500.


Irma Baker, Irma Detillion to Barbara Marchal, John Marchal, 4.0 acres, $45,000.


Dean Millhouse, Kathy Millhouse, attorney in fact, Larry Millhouse, Linda Millhouse, Carol Schaefer, Jeffrey Schaefer to Stager Properties LLC, 90.649 acres, $679,900.

Julia Benkert to TBM Investment Properties Ltd., 10.463 acres, $142,500.

Mildred Heater, Robert Heater to Katharine Sarver, one lot, $155,000.

TBM Investments to RWS Torts LLC, 10.463 acres, $0.


Jodi Tipton, Ronald Tipton to Ronald Tipton, $0.

Lacey Gehron, Christopher Spencer, Lacey Spencer to Kristen Garwood, Nolan Staas, 1.0 acre, $124,000.

Deborah Ramer, Richard Ramer to Mildred Heater, Robert Heater, one lot, $249,900.

Carla Brokaw Burton, Bradley Burton to Brokaw Legacy LLC, 32.734 acres, 49.302 acres, $0.


Escar Armstrong, Patricia Armstrong to Escar Armstrong Revocable Trust, Patricia Armstrong Revocable Trust, $0.

Brian Minnich, Stephanie Minnich to Peggy Minnich, Ronald Minnich, 5.376 acres, $0.


Estate of Frederick Banham to Timmins Banham, 1.5 acres, $0.

Estate of Jacqueline Lange to Deborah Tatum, John Tatum Jr., 12.985 acres, 0.812 acres, 6.210 acres, $0.