Real estate transactions


Reta Bailey, Steven Bailey to Scott Darling, one lot, $125,000.

Alison Potts, Robert Potts to Abbigayle Hodge, one lot, $124,900.

Darrell Patrick, Gloria Patrick to Darrell and Gloria Patrick Family Trust, one lot, $0.

101 North Madison Street to Richard Steineman, one lot, $16,300.

Patricia Rose, Charles Sturwold to 210 E. Water Street Co. LLC, one lot, $145,000.

John Donnelly, Pamela Donnelly to Pamela Donnelly, two lots, $0.

Amy Smith, Mary Smith to Andrea Demers, Peter Demers, one lot, $167,700.

Annette Cargill, Michael Cargill to Board of Park Commissioners, one lot, $0.

Megan Doty, Timothy Doty to Donald Shough, Lynn Shough, one lot, $154,000.

Jeffrey Welbaum, Margaret Welbaum to Megan Doty, Timothy Doty, one lot, $184,000.

Amy Kemp, Brian Kemp to Ben Warner, one lot, $44,000.

B & T Unlimited Inc. to Janet Piechocki, one lot, $47,500.


Patrick Hamilton, Tracey Hamilton to Trevor Marshall, Cheyenne Winsler, one lot, $76,000.

Craig Tyson to Craig Tyson, Therese Tyson, $0.

Deborah Fugate, Ricky Fugate to Amy BUrt, William Burt, one lot, $168,900.

Gary Reed, Joann Reed, attorney in fact, Mildred Wilson to Toni Cheney, three lots, $92,000.

G. William Hartzell Declaration of Trust, George Hartzell Family Dynasty, Gary Hunt, trustee to Melinda Grubbs Irrevocable Trust, two lots, $0.

Ocwen Loan Servicing, Sabr Mortgage Loan to VSF Investments Ltd., two lots, $31,700.


Patricia Withem to Darrell Brown, Melissa Brown, one lot, $129,700.

Bill Wendel, Heather Wendel to Elizabeth Gardner, Paul Gardner, one lot, $283,000.

Up North COntruction Ltd. to Angela Hannah, Brian Hannah, one lot, $273,500.

Paul Sirecek, Jennifer Wilson to Michael Miller, one lot, $132,000.


Annamarie Berger, Mark Berger to Antha Sparks, two lots, $175,000.


Gary Maggart, Sherry Maggart to Katherine Knepper, Scott Knepper, one lot, $199,900.


Adam Sowers, Staci Jo Sowers to Jessica Ryan, Thomas Ryan, one lot, $135,000.

Alicia Lewis, Frederick Lewis to Tiffany Krimm, one lot, $91,000.

James Sarver, Tracy Sarver to Hale-Sarver Funeral Home Inc., one lot, $100,000.

James Jay to Julie Glaser, Matthew Glaser, one lot, $50,000.


MJM Development to Anthony Allen, one lot, $262,500.

Heidi Sink, John Sink to Heidi Sink, John Sink, $0.


Larry Saunders, Rhonda Saunders to Larry Saunders, Rhonda Saunders, 5.036 acres, $0.


Donn Hellinger, Linda Hellinger to Terry Hellinger, trustee, Hellinger Family Preservation Trust, 10.001 acres, $0.

Bruce Pitts, Mary Pitts to Bruce Pitts, Mary Pitts, 0.717 acres, $0.


Matthew Cain, Sarah Cain to Steven Richards, Susan Richards, 2.907 acres, $288,000.

Mary Shoup to Derrick Skinner, Moniqua Skinner, $116,500.


Karen Long, successor trustee, Craig Schindel, successor trustee, William and Phyliss Schindel Revocable Living Trust to Craig and Eilzabeth Schindel, 24.342 acres, $168,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Manley Deas and Kochalski LLC to Lean Kreusch, 0.660 acres, $0.

Benjamin Woods, Jessica Woods to Chad Preuss, 0.717 acres, $130,000.


Kari Maurer, Tony Maurer, Anthony Sergent, Janet Sergent, Karen SErgent, Kari Sergent, Kenneth Sergent, Martha SErgent, Peggy Sergent, Rick Sergent, Russell Sergent, Steven SErgent, Travis Sergent to Christopher Ridgeway, Katelin Ridgway, 1.036 acres, $105,700.

Bonit Pierce, Richard Pierce to Kyle Green, Victoria Green, one lot, $135,000.