Miami County Real Estate Transactions


James Prange to Kimmel Ohio LLC, one lot, $88,200.

Elizabeth Mertens, Russell Mertens to Elizabeth Mertens, Russell Mertens, one lot, $0.

D and S Rentals Inc., Ronald Peck to Darla Peck, two lots, $0.

D and S Rentals Inc., Ronald Peck to Darla Peck, two lots, $0.

Dee Rental Group LLC to Trivista Properties LLC, one lot, $105,000.

Judith Shepard to Douglas Ingles, Torin Shepard, one lot, $0.

Daniel Sturgill to Cynthia Parker, two lots, $0.

Carolyn Grimm, Wesley Grimm to Woodhaven Investments Properties, one lot, $0.

Barbara Grile, Stanley Grile to Jeremiah Crawford, Nicole Crawford, one lot, $164,000.

Beverly Schrolucke to Mark Schrolucke, twp lots, $0.

Citimortgage Inc., Servicelink LLC, attorney in fact to Pat McDonald, one lot, $32,000.

Annette Cargill, Michael Cargill to Lynne Miller, one lot, $172,500.


Frank Pratt, Janet Pratt to Gerald Stull, Marilyn Stull, one lot, $80,000.

Christiana Trust, trustee, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, trustee, Selene Finance LP, attorney in fact to Keith Hufford, one lot, $27,000.

Irene Maxwell, William Maxwell, attorney in fact to Betty Liddy one lot, $105,000.

Charles Curtis, Maxine Curtis to Charles Curtis, Maxine Curtis, two lots, $0.

Christiana Trust, Normandy Mortgage Loan Trust, Selene Finance LP, attorney in fact to Storm Investments, one lot, $26,500.

Alice Marrs, Brett Marrs to Joan Stone, John Stone, one lot, $112,000.

Crista Cantwil, Michael Cantwil to Alice Rice, one lot, $40,000.

Jeanne Ashton, attorney in fact, William Ashton, Jill Rackow, William Rackow, Daniel Roemer, David Roemer, Christine Weaver to Board of Education of the Upper Valley Career Center, part lot, $42,500.


Ronald Geisterfer, Teresa Geisterfer to Equity Trust Company, David Kendall, one lot, $138,000.

Karen Duckro, Karen Scott to Susana Garcia, Roberto Hernandez, one lot, $139,900.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, James Smedley to John Jakubek, one lot, $19,700.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Dale Hutchinson to Frank Ares, Linda Ares, one lot, $52,700.

Rosewood Creek LLC to Bruns Construction Enterprises Inc., Homes by Bruns, one lot, $56,900.

Scott Strock to Benjamin Schmitz, Emily Schmitz, one lot, $265,000.

Suzanne Borden, W. Douglas Borden, Suzanne Snyder to Emily Dutton, Robert Dutton, one lot, $189,000.


Estate of Ellen Gleason to Joseph Gleason, one lot, $0.


Carrie McClure, Jeremy McClure to Anthony Yannelli, one lot, $130,000.


Janine Kinett, Kevin Kinnett to Mary Burchell, one lot, $145,000.


Jillian Fleischer to Jessica Schwieterman, one lot, $115,000.


Judith Fogle, attorney in fact, Monty Fogle to Bill Netzley, one lot, $30,000.

Ericka Burns, William Burns to Mandy Burns, one lot, $0.


Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer, Patricia Stark to PAJ Enterprises LLC, 0.1891 acres, $84,300.

Kim Baker, attorney in fact, Venus Goins to Steven Baker, 2.533 acres, $80,000.


Dottie Lou Elsner, Marilyn Warner to Elizabeth Maxon, two lots, $12,000.


Debra Thies, Richard Thies to Kristina Enz, Michael Enz, 1.857 acres, $140,000.

John Updike, Marilyn Updike to John Updike, Marilyn Updike, $0.

Scott Evans, Tara Evans to Christopher Wesner, Lisa Wesner, one lot, $325,000.

Merrimont Development Corporation to James Mortell, trustee, Pamela Mortell Revocable Trust, $50,000.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Joshua Kessler to U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, LSF8 Master Participation Trust, 0.928 acres, $80,000.


Paula Lantz, Philip Lantz to Sarah Lantz-Ramsay, James Ramsay, 1.155 acres, $193,000.

Twila Althouse to Adam Lyons, one lot, $150,000.

Heather Bolton, Todd Bolton to Heather Kanet, Jonathan Kanet, one lot, $165,000.


Donnard Noffsinger, Sherry Noffsinger, Betty Williams, Glenn Williams, Lita Williams, Mark Williams to David Horner, Kami Horner, one lot, $155,000.


Dortha Shellenberger Trust, Lynn Shellenberger, successor trustee, Van Shellenberger to Glenn Scott, $90,000.

Benjamin Dehus, Latisha Dehus to Andrea Wolfe, 12.547 acres, $273,000.


Martin Hardman, Anthony Hoekstra, Candis Hoekstra to Bradley DeWeese, Kimberly DeWeese, 64.135 acres, $545,200.


Cora Horner to Dana Kenworthy, Denise Kenworthy, $37,500.

Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Funds Inc. to Matthew Egbert, one lot, $104,900.

Toni Caruso, Lawrence Wolbers to Stacey Earhart Living Trust, $560,500.


Charles Davis JR., Patricia Davis to Charles Davis Jr., Patricia Davi, 0.2948 acres, $0.

Genevieve Ditmer, Harold Ditmer to Genevieve Ditmer, Harold Ditmer, 80 acres, $0.

Genevieve Ditmer, Harold Ditmer to Genevieve Ditmer, Harold Ditmer, 18.579 acres, $0.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Norma Sue Wiedenheft to Hubert Weiss, one lot, $6,4000.

Kathleen Hutchison, trustee, Hutchison Family Trust to Ann McWilliams, 1.0 acres, $91,400.