Marriage licenses

Garrett Logan McCormick, 20, of 910 Scarff Road, New Carlisle, to Natasha LaRae Brown, 20, of 9803 Olde Park Dr., Tipp City.

Letha Ann Young, 65, of 7490 Bradford Bloomer Road, Bradford, to Ricky Dean Smith, 57, of the same address.

Allison Richelle Mendenhall, 31, of 2845 Broken Woods Drive, Troy, to Sergio Juan Vignali, 48, of the same address.

Sara Elizabeth Knight, 55, of 2140 Fenner Road, Troy, to Norman Edward Gochnour, 54, of the same address.

Garrett Alan Wolking, 23, of 1204 Arrowhead Dr, Brentwood, Tenn., to Sydney Rose Flora, 23, of 6145 Detrick Road, Tipp City.

Robert Allen Manning, 44, 8355 Flick Road, Tipp City, to Kelly Ann Stumbo, 43, of the same address.

Chad Aaron Reisinger, 35, 1805 Springwood Drive, Piqua, to Gabrielle Ann Maniaci, 23, of the same address.

Roberta Dawn Walters, 50, 2749 Walnut Ridge, Troy, to David Wayne Beery, 52, of the same address.

Jaclyn Theresa Wyse, 26, of 643 W. Broadway St., Tipp City, to Chad Allen Salm, 26, of 218 Grove St., Sidney.

Nancy Ellen Stockert, 74, of 24 Union St., Troy, to William Scott Hogan, 72, 1482 Covent Road, Troy.